Global March For Lions – London Calling and Roaring 15th March 2014


People asked me who the figure was that I depicted on my banner alongside the lion representations. It is Sekhmet, the lion headed goddess from Ancient Egypt. Alongside animal activism my interests include esoteric interests and due to my love of lions since childhood I was delighted to encounter Sekhmet in the 1980s. The photo on the right is of one of the Sekhmets in the British Museum. As I was drawing the images for the banner I was depicting my intent to attend the march and to draw protection towards the lions so it is a kind of charm to defeat the hunters and make the abhorrent business of canned hunting illegal.

There was a Global March For Lions on 15th March 2014 to campaign against the barbaric and pseudo brave man’s sport of canned hunting in South Africa. Oh where to start as there is so much wrong with this enterprise? Whoever conceived this “business plan” should be thrown to the lions.

The following information was drawn from the leaflet that was being handed out and was produced by #globalmarchforlions

Lionesses are objectified into breeding machines. When they no longer produce they are either killed for the bone trade or are enrolled on a list for trophy hunters. Cubs are immediately objectified too being wrenched immediately from their mothers for “cub petting” and to be rented out to other facilities. Someone at Trafalgar Square yesterday was remarking that it is like running human baby farms. These are the “lucky” cubs by the way. If there has been inbreeding and a resultant birth defect in the female cub, it will be killed deemed unworthy of life as it will not have the kerrching factor to produce trophy offspring.

Breeders advertise for volunteers to assist with the feeding and care of the cubs and these people will pay large fees and are duped into feeling that they are privileged to be involved. Apparently they are unaware that these cute little cubs that they are nurturing are doomed to be shot. I would be so distraught if I had volunteered and found out later that I had been part of this. I would have to take action. It does not bear thinking about.

The abuse and objectification of these noble animals goes on as when the cubs mature a little they are rented out for walking with lions experiences. Of course these lions are ideal for this having been raised by humans so are used to being manhandled and trust them. When they reach the next stage the horror story really begins. They will have just reached sub-adulthood and they are packed into overcrowded cages where they await their fate. When they reach adulthood they are seen as trophies to be literally picked off. The lions are put in small camps from which there is no escape becaue that would defeat the object. Often the lions are drugged to make it easier for the so called hunter to score a hit. Once shot, these noble creatures who have had no real life and no hope since their embryo stage will have their heads removed to end up on someone’s wall and their bones sent to the East to be ground up for so called aphrodisiacs or medicine.

This vile enterprise is totally legal to add insult to injury.

TheLondon mane event was held in Trafalgar Square on a sunny Saturday afternoon so there were a lot of people wandering around. Groups of marchers gathered in several London points and marched along the route to the square chanting, raising awareness and handing out leaflets. I joined the march that began in Leicester Square. I arrived early and walked around handing out some leaflets. Several people took them but there are still too many robots around who shrug their shoulders and show no interest and do not seem to be prepared to think about anything outside of their own lives. They are self absorbed and are only interested in anything that affects them on a local level, local usually being so local it can be minimised to what happens in their house. But as I said some people took the leaflet and hopefully they will mention it to someone that they talk to and so on. That’s the way it rolls. That is the way things can change. Education and raising awareness so that people choose not to go to any facility that offers cub petting or a walking with lions experience.

There were so many good posters and so many wonderful protestors there . Here are a few of them that I photographed.



I was talking to his lady as I handed out my leaflets. She told me that she was part of the team that folded them. I did not realise at the time but she is from Lion Aid. She also gave an inspiring talk.

lion aid 1

There were other excellent speakers too. Matthew Payne who wrote “A Father’s Pride” spoke about education as being crucial to encourage the future generations to take care of lions and wildlife. One thing that he said stood out for me. he said that we are wrong to think that we are saving wildlife for future generations. We are saving them for our generation in the here and now. It is that urgent. Look for his book on canned hunting

Other speakers were Jerome Flynn from “Game Of Thrones” who urged us to focus our aims and intention with our hearts as the laws of government should reflect what the people want in their hearts. He appealed to the crowd to  contact their MP and tell them what we want and not be silent until canned hunting and trophy hunting stops.  John Rendall and people from Lion Aid who all inspired the crowd to continue the action.

There will be another protest on Sunday 11th August 2014

The Lion                          The Wish and the             Wardrobe

lionbanner               banners/t shirts

with a happy ending so that Aslain can become Aslan again.

The first blog post that I wrote on here was about my love of lions and events in childhood that seeded it. If you are interested read it at:

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Grim tales – Taiji Terror Tales

Once upon a time two dolphins were swimming in the ocean with their families and friends. Then they were spotted by cruel Taiji drive hunters who chased them until they were so hungry and exhausted that they could no longer fight to outwit them. They were netted into the Cove and they could not escape. Then some trainers came and took them because they decided that they were pretty and clever enough to be trained for human entertainment to make lots of money. The other members of their family were not chosen and they were brutally killed to be eaten for meat. There was nothing that the two dolphins could do to help them.

captivesAfter witnessing the death of their friends and family they were taken to tiny sea pens and when they were near starving they were offered dead fish if they did tricks for the humans. They were so hungry and disorientated that their past lives swimming in the ocean seemed like a dream. When  they were successfully programmed to do tricks they were moved to a permanent new home.

dolphin ballsThe two dolphins lived unhappily ever after.


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Taiji Drive Hunting Season 2013-14 Ended.

taiji figuresPhotocredit:

The Taiji Drive Hunting Season 2013-2014 has ended producing a feeling of happiness and relief for the dolphins/small whales that can now swim past Taiji safely until September, sadness and reflection on the victims who lost their lives and concern for those that have been captured and are held in the pens. The terror is only just beginning for them. During the intermediate months we will continue to campaign for them and to educate people so that they do not line the pockets of this savage human entertainment industry.

There is an event in London on Thursday 20th March 2014

Further reading from this season :

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Taiji Action Day For Dolphins 21st February 2014 was a great success

japaneseUnfortunately due to family concerns I was unable to attend the London Taiji Action Day on 21st February as planned but I am pleased to say that around 1000 people attended which is brilliant. The protestors were also allowed to stand right oustide the Embassy as there is scaffolding outside.

Was it the capture of Angel that motivated more people to attend?

This is the banner that my friend Oephebia Animal Healer who attended made for Angel

Oephebia Animal HealerShe is founder of a group who help the dolphins on a spiritual level

To see pictures of the day and find out more visit the page

Well done to Karen and Beka Stevens for organising this.

There is another page set up to plan next year’s February event.

If the drive hunting has finally stopped by then then it will be a celebratory street party. Oh how I hope that is so… This will be organized by Beka Stevens and Dan Green who works at

Here is the placard that he brought to the event alast August 2013. This powerful image brought tears to our eyes. The crosses represent cetaceans that have died in captivity. There were 5500 and these were the KNOWN ones. The ones with blue on are babies. So sad. Very powerful image.

earthrace poster

The protests will go on for the dolphins until the Taiji drive hunt is no more.

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Upcoming Taiji Action Day for Dolphins 21st Feb 2014. London protest

killing boats,d.ZGU&cad=rja

Video credit – John Legg

This is what Taiji Cove should always be like. Looks idyllic doesn’t it. It has been like this for 11 consecutive days which gives us watchers and the dolphins a little reprieve from the terrible human actions that turn this wonderful place red with the blood of dolphins after a successful drive hunt.

I will again be attending a protest opposite the Japanese Embassy on this Friday 21st February so I thought I would look at the statistics relating to the drive hunt up to 5th February this season. You can find them too at,d.ZG4&cad=rja

2013/2014 QUOTA:     2,013 total animals from seven species Bottlenose : 566 caught · 144 killed · 121 live-capture · 300 released · 265 total take · quota = 557 · 292 more allowed False Killer Whale : 000 caught · 000 killed · 000 live-capture · 000 released · 000 total take · quota = 070 · 070 more allowed Pantropical Spotted : 116 caught · 101 killed · 015 live-capture · 000 released · 116 total take · quota = 400 · 284 more allowed Pacific White-sided : 008 caught · 000 killed · 008 live-capture · 000 released · 008 total take · quota = 134 · 126 more allowed Risso’s : 233 caught · 186 killed · 012 live-capture · 035 released · 198 total take · quota = 265 · 067 more allowed Short-finned Pilot : 149 caught · 061 killed · 001 live-capture · 087 released · 062 total take · quota = 137 · 075 more allowed Striped : 298 caught · 297 killed · 001 live-capture · 000 released · 298 total take · quota = 450 · 152 more allowed *caught = total animals driven, take = #’s of animals killed or live-captured, it does not include released animals – See more at:
2013/2014 QUOTA:     2,013 total animals from seven species Bottlenose : 566 caught · 144 killed · 121 live-capture · 300 released · 265 total take · quota = 557 · 292 more allowed False Killer Whale : 000 caught · 000 killed · 000 live-capture · 000 released · 000 total take · quota = 070 · 070 more allowed Pantropical Spotted : 116 caught · 101 killed · 015 live-capture · 000 released · 116 total take · quota = 400 · 284 more allowed Pacific White-sided : 008 caught · 000 killed · 008 live-capture · 000 released · 008 total take · quota = 134 · 126 more allowed Risso’s : 233 caught · 186 killed · 012 live-capture · 035 released · 198 total take · quota = 265 · 067 more allowed Short-finned Pilot : 149 caught · 061 killed · 001 live-capture · 087 released · 062 total take · quota = 137 · 075 more allowed Striped : 298 caught · 297 killed · 001 live-capture · 000 released · 298 total take · quota = 450 · 152 more allowed *caught = total animals driven, take = #’s of animals killed or live-captured, it does not include released animals – See more at:


caught 566   killed 144   live capture 121  released 300  quota  557  can take 292  more

False Killer Whale   0 caught – can take 70

Pantropical Spotted

caught 116  killed 101  live capture 15  released 0  quota 400 can take 284 more

Pacific White-Sided

caught 8 live capture 8  quota 134  can take 126 more


caught 233  killed 186  live capture 12  released 35   quota 265 can take 67 more

Short-finned Pilot

caught 149  killed 61  live capture 1  released 87   quota 137  can take 75 more

Striped Dolphins

caught 298  killed 297  live capture 1  quota 150  can take 152 more

The temperature at lat February’s protest fell to around -4 degress but that did not deter us. It is an important issue and we vow not to be silent or stop protesting until the drive hunters do. Wondering what it will be like at the protest? take a peek at last year’s. We are a bit clicky but that is because we are a pod. If you want to make a stand for the dolphins we will welcome you with open fins.

This year’s event takes place this Friday

Hope to see some of you there.


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Albino Dolphin in Taiji Whale Museum – Taiji Terror Tales January 2014

albinoPhotocredit ; Sea Shepherd Cove Guardians

This rare little beauty has been given the name Angel. He is in the public eye because he and his kinfinfolk had the misfortune to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and cross paths with the notorious Taiji drive hunters. They must have rubbed their hands with glee and visualised Kerching Kerching when they came accross such a large cache of their prey.

They drove the dolphins into the Cove, netted them in, left them with no food and terrified until the trainers entered to hand wrestle and pick those that they deemed suitable for live capture to be trained for human entertainment.

Sea Shepherd Cove Guardians reported from on the ground:

Today, 15 Bottlenose dolphins were taken for a life of imprisonment in captivity. Of the total from today, 1 dolphin did not survive the gruesome kidnapping process and died in transfer to its awaiting cell. In the last two days, a total of 40 Bottlenose dolphins have been kidnapped from their families.

The remaining 200+ Bottlenose dolphins will spend a third night in the cove without food and brutally murdered tomorrow morning.

Please continue to follow for further updates and footage from today’s horrific events. 2:24p #tweet4taiji

Well the Taiji drive hunters have really excelled at gaining the spotlight this time. I and thousands of others are totally horrified at what is unfolding in Taiji. Forget Celebrity Big Brother, this is the real Reality Show going on. The only positive spin that I can put on this latest atrocity being undertaken in the name of “tradition” <<cough>> is that they have drawn more adverse publicity and are raising anti Taiji drive hunting awareness.

It has been alleged that their media even tried to hoodwink their people by a celebration of their rescuing the poor little albino. The undisputable truth is that this dolphin’s pod, along with other pods were relentlessly driven and barbarically snatched from their ocean home.

There is a lot of information circulating from several sources. Please talk, tweet, express your horror on Facebook, sign the petitions and most importantly, educate people of the link between these drive hunts and the dolphin entertainment industry. It is the training and sale of dolphins from these hunts to such facilities as SeaWorld that is keeping this business afloat. It’s the usual formula to topple such enterprises, Follow the money and cut the cord at the source. Yes, the waters around Taiji are the source of the dolphins but you need to think out of the pens and turn it on its head and know that the true source is the demand from the dolphin/cetacean entertainment facilities for live captives. This demand would not exist if it was not for the paying people, the public who pull money out of their pocket to pay to go in and see these dolphin shows.

Have you seen “Blackfish”? The same genre. Tilikum is not the plot villian. Humans are. I intially wrote the word humankind but I had to remove the kind because it is a misnomer.

Read the links below to learn more:

If you are in  London on Friday 21st February there is a protest

Feel free to add any other links and information in the comments section. Thank You

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Hail and Welcome Janus – Thoughts on Entering the Gate of 2014

janus meJanuary, named after the Roman God Janus, the God of gates, doors, entrances, exits, beginnings and endings. He is depicted as two headed to symbolise being at the threshhold, facing the past and future. To me, he represents the zero point where all is poised, all is potential. Every moment is a zero point really because we we are constantly making choices and creating our future. An act, a word, a glance, smile, frown, nod, step forward, halt, hesitancy all have an effect.

The transition from past to future is all hyped up and magnified tonight because everyone  is on the same transition point both mentally and emotional as part of consensus reality.

The best thing that you can do is to programme yourself to be more aware of the now and the immnse power that you hold over your life for each minute. Every moment and day is important.

January 1st enters with a New Moon in Capricorn depicted by a mountain goat. It is also a Perigee or Supermoon because it will come close to Earth so its attraction and pulling power is magnified. It is not only a Full Moon that can be a Supermoon. The Moon links to feelings which can rise and fall and be overwhelming like the tides but it is in the sphere of earthy Capricorn and the mountain goat manages to find its way through the toughest and most challenging of paths by keeping its gaze firmly on its high goals and its feet in contact with the ground. The Moon is accompanied at this juncture by Pluto and Mercury in Capricorn so it will herald an intense time of soul searching and  soul purging to pave the way to creating a space in your mind and on the physical to communicate and manifest your inner callings on firm foundations. These things will not manifest suddenly as they will require hard work and complete focus. Keep your intent and ideal in a safety deposit box in your mind and know that you and you alone Know the combination to activate it. The rough terrain that you successfully negotiate will mean that your intent will be fully formed and durable. You will see signs of its seed manifesting by the end of the month when the second Janus New Moon is born.

Wishing you all a creatively positive 2014.

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Is beauty really skin deep?


This such a big issue these days about appearances. Words are powerful so be mindful that what you say has a really big effect on the targetetd individual. It can affect their whole day. Women seem to be the main perpretrators of pulling others down. The way another woman talks about me, her friends or other women is a yardstick that I use to see whether they are genuine or not and whether I wanted to do spiritual/magickal/healing work with them. Surround yourself with people who allow you to be you. Use words and the Gaze wisely.

Originally posted on Express yourself with creativity!:

What do you believe?

Society is so hot on looks at the moment that it makes it hard to believe this term. I know the media are trying to release the pressures put on us by publishing photos of models that aren’t flawless and I am happy about this.

I suppose the real reason behind me writing this post is I received a comment from a friend saying “omg you look so different without mascara?!” I wasn’t sure whether to take it as a compliment or insult but it made me think… Do I hide behind my mascara wand through society pressures or for my own pleasure. I decided to strip back the mascara for a photo and be bare to the world

Okay, so it’s quite obvious I look rougher on the right side, possibly even unwell. However is this because my natural look isn’t seen as beauty? Or…

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Paolo Simoni Veschi

paoloWe are all aware that the internet and social media networking sites are not foolproof and that people make fake profiles or present themselves in any guise that they want. The marine animal protection sector has been the target of such an individual who managed to befriend people and gain admittance to groups who are campaigning against Taiji drive hunting, whaling and the cetacean captivity industry.

Soemone called himself (or themselves. It is a possibilty that there was more than one person behind this..) Paolo Simoni Veschi. He claimed to be a marine biologist living in France with Italian origins. Over a year he successfully befriended many marine activists and animal activists. There was a profile for his so called girlfriend too under the name of  Opis Opi.

He used pictures of the French actor Guillaume Dolmans pictured above on the right. It gave him an appeal, certainly to women.

He requested to be facebook friends with me too but I always thought that his pictures looked a bit too polished, too perfect and indeed they were, as they were of the actor, Guillaume Dolmens, obviously taken by a professional.

“Paolo” put a lot of effort into this and a lot of time. The truth about him has not been unveiled. Was it just the work of a lonely individual who wanted to amuse himself by deceiving people? Was it someone who wanted to infiltrate the animal activist groups as we do share a lot of contacts and discuss a lot of campaigns?

He seemed to have a lot of information on the captive cetacean industry notably about Morgan and Tilikum, the captive orcas.

If more information about him comes to light, I will post it here. Will the real Paolo Simoni Veschi please stand up? Who are you? Do you have other aliases? What do you really think about cetaceans and captivity?

Part of me is wondering whether this was a psychological study on how people can build fake personas on social networking sites and that we should expect “Paolo” to make an appearance in an academic book or on TV at some time in the future.

Who knows? Well, as “Paolo”he has been rumbled…

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New Moon in Scorpio and Solar Eclipse 3rd November 2013

new moon solar eclipsePhotocredit :

On Sunday 3rd November 2013 at 12.50 GMT there will be a Scorpio New Moon which is a fitting one for this time of the year as we have just passed Samhain/Halloween and been thinking about family members and friends who have passed over to the other side of the veil. Scorpio is in the 8th house of the Zodiacal wheel (which is apt because Scorpions have 8 legs) and relates to death and regeneration, sex and death, secrets and inheritances, taxes and all things of that ilk. To add to the mix there will be a Solar Eclipse close to the planet Saturn, Old Father Time who imposes limits and boundaries.

Scorpio energy likes to delve into dark places and solve mysteries and the best mystery to solve is your own story i.e why you act/react the way that you do, why you place limits on yourself, why you think you have enough time to procrastinate and leave things for another day, why you have fixed opinions and self imposed taboos about certain issues which affects what you are willing to experience. In what parts of your life is your own tail stinging you? You will probably uncover issues to do with power, sex and the exchange of money and secrets. As a Solar Eclipse has not happened in Scorpio for a long time, there could be over exposure where things get blown up to enormous scales. Pent up emotions will erupt and the fallout could leave you feeling out of salts for a week or more.

Burrow into your own psyche like a scorpion burrows into soil and see if you can unearth and bring to light the roots of destructive patterns in your life. In what situations do you freeze people or situations out? Scorpions can survive if you put them in a freezer overnight. remove them and expose them to the sunlight (conscious mind) when they will come back to life and start moving again.

Your efforts at self analysis will be supercharged by the cosmic energies around at this time. It will all be worth it because you will feel lighter and transformed/regenerated for the cming festive season as you will feel more lighthearted.

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