How you can help the Dolphins/Whales of Taiji Cove from Home

Founded and organised by Oephebia Animal Healer who is a Psychic and an Animal  Communicator, a collective visualisation/meditiation takes place every night at 19.00 hours (GMT). There are no restrictions on who can join in so please get involved if you love dolphins and whales and want to protect and cherish the sea creatures.

I will just add that this is not  a formal organisation so you can do it and devote a few minutes or as long as you want to this cause by doing anything you feel to do.

You can follow the guide and do a meditation/visualisation. You can light a candle and some incense, you can listen to music, you can devise a dolphin/whale dance or workout. You could draw sea creatures/write prose or poetry.

I am a Reiki 2 healer so I use this as part of my visualisation. I have also used images that help me to charge my intent, like the parting of the Red Sea in the film “The Ten Commandments”. You can simply visualise the boats coming back empty, with no catch.

Oephebia advises :

“As we are going to do a collective visualisation every day, trying to raise the vibration as high as possible, I thought it would be great to have a clear goal of what we want to achieve.

Our goal is to help the dolphins to escape the boats and the fishermen, to avoid to be captured. That is our main goal, prevention via our collective visualisation and communication.

 Our second goal is to send healing and love to the unfortunate dolphins that have been captured.

We know that a grim fate will await them, captivity or death.

There is nothing we can do.

 We have to accept that we won’t be able to save them all.

If we can save a few, then we will have reached our goals.


Every night at 8.00 pm UK Time the main collective visualisation will be in full swing.

(Have a look at the description to the event, there is a link to find your local time. If you can join us where ever you are, you are very welcome)

 Every night we will concentrate on the main core of the collective visualisation.

 1) Healing, love and compassion to the captive dolphins

 If there is any dolphins held captive in the cove, we will direct our attention onto them, concentrating on the mothers and their babies (if any).

 We will send them protection, healing and love for their energies to calm down.

Most of the dolphins are exhausted, anxious and worried.

 Us as a collective consciousness can soothe these emotions.

Keep the energies pure, balanced, loving and compassionate.

No need for drama, as we cannot control what will be.

 We can show them that the nets can be jumped over and we must visualise them jumping over the line of the net and them wiggling their way out onto the sea.

 Of course, they have to do this in the cover of the night to avoid recapture.

 2) Warning the dolphins swimming around the Cove or in the vicinity of the Cove

 Move your focus onto the waters around the Cove and the deep blue sea.

Most nights, pods of dolphins are around the Cove because their families are held captive.

 We all know that dolphins have strong bond with their families and are reluctant to swim away to the deep sea.

 We must visualise them swimming away from the Cove onto the deep sea (always keep in mind the map of Japan and Taiji and try to visualise the deep sea about 50 kilometres away from Taiji – visualising a bright star or bright light in the middle of the ocean to guide the dolphin is a good way to focus our attention onto the ocean).

 It is going to be difficult to make the dolphins swim away for the reasons evoked above, but desperate situation calls on desperate measure.

 We must encompass to them that their lives are in grave danger if they stay around. There is no way to sugar coat that fact.

 Send them healing and keep repeating the message onto them visualising the deep sea and the light and protection that will await them.

 3) Warning about the boats

 We know that the fishermen use banging boats, making lots of noise to disorientate the dolphins and their sonar. This technique of fishing is highly efficient with the cetaceans that are rendered deaf or useless without their sonar.

 We must focus our attention on warning the dolphins that the boats mean death.

 Dolphins survey their environment all the time and have a vastly superior hearing than us.

 So to visualise the boats strongly and to convey to the dolphins that soon as they can SEE the boats going towards them, they must swim away from the boats at great speed as their lives is in danger.

 Visualise a boat and then the same boat with a red cross on it, or surrounded by a red mist or whatever WARNING signals you will be guided to.

A strong mental image has to be conveyed to the dolphins that the boats are a death trap.

 Actually there is something we may want to try for the dolphins to understand our message.

Dolphins catch their food mainly using two clever techniques which require a highly coordinated team job.


The first one is called herding and it is performed by a group of dolphins who surround a school of fish to pack them as tightly as possible.

 When this is done, dolphins take turns to go through the school and feed one at the time while the others keep the school fo fish as packed as possible.

 This guarantees that each pass through the school of fish, will be very efficient and the largest amount possible of fish will be taken.


The other technique for feeding used by dolphins is called corralling.

 This is used when the school of fish is chased by a group of dolphins to shallow waters where they are trapped between the shore and the group of dolphins who push them there.

 After this, the fishes are easily caught when dolphins take turns to eat.

 So if we could visualise the dolphins herding a school of fish and then make them understand that the boats are doing the same thing to them.

 Boats equal predation = death.

 4) Dolphins trapped by boats

 We know that some dolphins will be trapped by the fishermen.

 So if we could imagine the sound of the banging boats and hold that sensation for a few seconds. Panic will be the main emotion.

 Then try to visualise yourself swimming deep under the boat and whilst doing so imagine the sound decreasing.

 Then show the dolphin that swimming in the opposite direction from the sound (visualise the propeller of the boat) means they will swim into the deep sea.

 Keep this mental image as long as you can.

We can only try.

 5) Protection around the Cove

 Many of us have been visualising a wall of protection around the Cove directly but also 30 kilometres from the coast, to warn the dolphins not to swim near the coasts as it will be a death trap.

 Some have been visualising the old God, Goddesses, or Angels, Mermaids and other spiritual beings.

 That part of the visualisation is entire up to you, go deep into your heart and your soul and put the protection up as a warning system. Love and compassion are the main focus for protection.

 You may want to give your message to the dolphins, you may even receive some messages.Visualise them happy and swimming in the deep sea, jumping on the waves, playing, bask into that joyful energy and tell them your love and respect for them.

 6) Healing and compassion to the people

 Each night it will be different participants.

Some are known to us and others prefer to do their own things around the same time but not to be known.

 We can send healing to all participants by naming them one by one.

 Then we can turn our intention to the fishermen and to send healing in their heart for them to find compassion for another sentient being, for them to shift their consciousness on other ways to harvest the sea, like eco-tourism.

 We can then send healing to the divers organisations that have dispatched people to be the eyes of the world (Sea Shepherds and many others).

 Then we may want to send compassion and healing to the world, for a global awareness to the plight of the dolphins and all the animals around the world. For a swift of consciousness in the human race.


 The way you do and prepare your visualisation is entirely up to you.

As we are growing larger as a group, it will be too difficult to incorporate all the rituals and beliefs one might want to do and follow during a visualisation.

 As a rule of thumb thought, make sure you make yourself comfortable and that your mobile phones, phones are off or on silent.

 You might want to just breathe in and breathe out for a few minutes, just letting the thoughts you have in your mind float away.

To do so, you may want to light a candle and concentrate on the flame, or you may want to have a look at the picture of the dolphins, you may want to have some music with dolphins and whales to put you in the mood. Whatever works for you. There are no rules.  

 When you will feel calm, just concentrate your thoughts to the map of Japan and particularly Taiji.

See in your mind eye the island and the vast ocean around the island.

 When it is done, concentrate your thoughts on the dolphins asking mentality to the Universe, God, the Goddess, the Angels and whom ever you believe in for their help in order to reach the cetaceans.

 Some of you may want to concentrate on Sedna the Inuit Goddess of the Sea, or others may want to ask Poseidon/Neptune the old God of the Sea. Some of you may want to ask the mermaids, the mythical guardians of the sea. Again whatever works for you:-)

 Always closed off your visualisation by saying your thank you to the Universe, God, the Goddess, Angels, fairies whomever you believe in, for their help.

 Remember to ground yourself.

 To do so you may want to imagine roots coming down from your feet, deep into the earth and feeling a swirl of gentle red mist around your feet.

 Drink some water, eat something and just take 5 minutes to feel your body and your 5 senses.

 You may want to go for a walk, or read a book, watch a bit of TV, or even have a relaxing bath.

 Your intention has been sent into the Universe, so now it is time to let life be the stage manager.

 Do not think of the dolphins and recoup for the evening or the day.

 Remember you need to keep your energies as pure as possible to raise the vibration to help the dolphins. Focus on the positive and allow yourself a few hours to recoup and enjoy life.

 Our help to the dolphins need to be balanced and harmonious.

Obsessing on what is going on in Taiji is not the way forward.

 Remember you have done your work, you have set the intention, so now disconnect and enjoy life.


That’s all folks!

 Remember this is general guide, just to try to work together for more impact. Add your own sensation and your own feelings into the visualisation. There are no rules.


I am doing mine for 20 minutes or so, but if you can do only 5 minutes concentrating on one of the point, it will help.

Map of the cove

Map of Taiji, and the deep sea. The X is where the dolphins should go to keep safe.

Fishing boat to visualise

Underneath a boat + propeller to visualise

To visualise the dolphins swimming deep underneath the boats to swim to safety

© Christopher Swann Dolphins herding fish. To visualise this to show the dolphins that the boats do the same to them.

Pilot whale and her baby.

Bottle nose dolphin and her baby




Happy dolphins.

10 species of dolphins and whales targeted by the fishermen. Map of Taiji

Dolphins underneath a boat to visualise them going away from the boat.

TAIJI harbour to visualise
This is a link to SeaShepher on twitter for the latest info Sehgal on twitter the dolphins official monitor page : from Save Japan Dolphins:

Sea Shepherd are the Cove Guardians who are there on the ground in Taiji and who are keeping the world informed about the hunting. They do not mince words as their aim is to report candidly. They will also give you a link to a nightly livefeed (early morning in Japan when the boats go out) which again is very graphic.

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