A True Story for Remembrance Day



I read this true story on a facebook friend’s status and I was so touched by it and thought that it should be read by as many people as possible. I asked her permission to post it here and she has agreed. So thank you Hannah -Marie Donovan for your family’s story.

“My great great grandfather was german and my great grandmother czechoslavian. My grandfather was a judge and a fair one.Apparently this annoyed the Gestapo and orders were sent to get my descendants , but they were warned beforehand and my great grandmother and her child, my grandmother headed for the train station where a train owned by Lady Rowntree was leaving the country. There was no room for baggage so some people chose to stay but my great grandmother said leave it, we will get it later. ALSO at that time a German nazi officer spotted them and started to question my great gandmother, BUT a christian came over and said ‘picking on women and children are you now’ and the german officer stopped and started to argue with the christian , being diverted from my grandmother and giving them time to get on the train.. this train’s destination was Britain. It was a Rowntrees chocolate train. the people that did NOT get on that train and waited for the next one… were rounded up by the Nazis and taken to the concentration camps and most were gassed… so I am alive and my family is alive due to the kindness of Lady Rowntree, the common sense of my great grandmother and the courage of one christian… so there you have it… “

We Will Remember You

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