I’m A Free Risso Dolphin Get Me Out Of Here -Taiji 16/11/12

Do you like Reality TV? Well here is a real action packed episode that took place in Taiji Cove today. Who would you nominate for eviction from the area?

In the early hours of today a battle was going on between a pod of Risso dolphins and the hunters near taiji Cove. These brave dolphins were chased relentlessy for over 5 hours and eventually part of the pod escaped and the rest were driven int the Cove. But this was not easily won by the fishermen. These dolphins fought and fought every second of the way but being chased for all of that time by hunters intent on catching them took its toll and they were eventually netted into the cove, with no escape. It is reported that 2 dolphins have been selected for the Taiji Dolphin Resort Trainers so are held placed in the harbour sea pens. 2 dolphins (one a young calf) and possibly the mother were concealed under tarpaulins and dumped back out to sea. We hope that they are still alive.  6 dolphins were slaughtered . There was no meat auction because the struggle and slaughter ended too late in the day. This is because the pod escaped when they were on the horizon but the hunters would not give in and went out to sea and rounded some of them up again.

It really is heartbreaking as it unfolds and it is worse than watching any chase or horror movie because you know that it is real and happening now.

This is the sequence of tweets from Sea Shepherd, who are there to keep a record and make the world aware of the atrocities:

Taiji: All killing boats are leaving harbor and heading out to sea. Nov 16, 2012 6:06am #tweet4taiji

Taiji: We can see 12 boats at the horizon.Ship traffic has cleared and now chasing pod. Still very far out at sea. 9:06am

Taiji: pod has separated into two. 8 boats are chasing one and 4 chasing smaller pod now about 8-10 miles out at sea. 9:43am

Taiji: killers still chasing pods and heading south. 10:40am

Taiji: killing boats just south of Taiji now 4-5 miles. Still driving pod. 11:08am #tweet4taiji As pod gets closer, we will be LIVESTREAMING

Taiji: pod is now outside of Taiji harbor. All 12 boats driving fast! Killers are on overtime now.#tweet4taiji 12:10pm Livestream in 15 min

Taiji: police, coast guard and Taiji town staff all in standby. We will be LIVESTREAMING at http://Taiji.ezearth.tv  with 20 min

Taiji: boats scrambling now, looks like they have lost some of pod…#tweet4taiji 12:45pm

Taiji: pod got away! Boats are headed back out to sea . #tweet4taiji 12:53pm

Taiji: pod is still fighting after 5 1/2 Hours! Killing boats right outside Taiji harbor, still driving pod in toward cove. #tweet4taiji

Taiji: We can see pod right outside harbor. Splashing- frantic and exhausted but still fighting!!! #tweet4taiji 13:43pm

Taiji: pod of Risso dolphins now netted into cove. #tweet4taiji 13:53pm

Taiji: Risso pod including juveniles &young calf now under tarps. We can hear yelling from below as killers hurry to slaughter #tweet4taiji

Taiji: 2 Risso dolphins taken captive by dolphin resort. 2 released back out 2 sea. Rest were slaughtered. #tweet4taiji 14:51pm

Taiji: murder is complete…transfer of dead dolphin bodies at butcherhouse now. #tweet4taiji 14:59pm

photocredit: Sea Shepherd Cove Guardians page facebook

This is why there will be a Rally Against the Dolphin/Whale Hunt in Tokyo on Saturday 24th November 2012. This is highly significant as it is the first of its kind in Japan. We wish them the ultimate success of getting this ubervicious hunt stopped as soon as possible.

There will also be a demonstration oustide the Japanese Embassy in London on Friday 23rd November 2012 and people handing out leaflets about this brbaric practice on Saturday 24th November 2012.

There is a petition that you can sign. These poor cetaceans cannot sign it or attend the demonstrations. Lend them your voice.


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