Japanese Research on Dolphin Speech

There has been a recent announcement that a new device has been created that can mimic the sound of dolphins.Scientists’ hopes are that it could one day help humans to converse with dolphins.

I am a little perturbed to find that it is scientists in Japan who have created this prototype dolphin speaker that can project the full range of all of the sounds these animals make covering the entire spectrum from those used in communication to echolocation clicks.

Apparently to create the device, the researchers used piezoelectric components that convert electricity into physical movement and vice versa. These components are able to broadcast both high-frequency and low-frequency sounds

“I am happy if we can communicate with dolphins using the dolphin speaker,” lead researcher Yuka Mishima of the Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology told LiveScience.

http://www.thehindu.com › S & T › Science (reference)

Well, he might be but I am not over the Moon about it at all. It sounds very fishy. Due to the capture of dolphins (the “lucky” ones that are not slaughtered) and training for marine parks, I am very suspicious of what they intend to use this device for. Only one way to find out. Email a few people and ask. That is what I am going to do. I will update you with any responses.


Rose Dixon

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