Richard Branson Speaks Out Against Taiji Drive Hunt but has links with Seaworld

richard branson

I love Japan. It’s therefore just so sad to see the international damage that is being done to both the country and its people with the mass slaughter of dolphins. It made us all weep when we saw the excellent film ‘The Cove’, which investigated Japan’s dolphin hunting culture.

We in the West have committed horrendous atrocities to species like the tiger in India. One of the biggest industries in America at the turn of 20th Century was whaling and species like the Right Whale were almost killed to extinction. But fortunately we learnt what we doing just about before it was too late, and bodies such as the International Whaling Convention (IWC) now help to stop the needless slaughter of these animals.  However, Japan is one of the countries that has not honoured the IWC’s indefinite ban on commercial whaling.

However, the tide of public opinion on whale and dolphin hunting may be changing in Japan. In late 2012 a grassroots group of Japanese animal rights advocates staged a protest against the killing of dolphins and whales for the first time. This was in response to the dreadful slaughter of dolphins in Taiji, Japan. Hopefully pressure from young people in Japan will stop the slaughter of two of the most beautiful species in the ocean, the dolphin and the whale.

The problem is that his company encourages customers to visit Seaworld. It is the captivity industry that is making the drive hunts viable. He needs to look at his part in it all more carefully

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2 Responses to Richard Branson Speaks Out Against Taiji Drive Hunt but has links with Seaworld

  1. Blessings on Richard Branson and those who in high levels use their influence to give voice to those who cannot speak for themselves.

  2. rosedixon says:

    Yes, it is wonderful that he has done that. He is highly influential. If only we could get him to look at the captivity issue and how it links to Taiji as he probably is not
    totally aware of that.

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