Tripping down memory lane. Random Thoughts on Re-membering

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I was reading something last night before nodding off which got me really thinking about the difference between how we live today and what we have lost as abilities. As I walk through my neighbourhood there are so many sights and sounds that literally bombard my senses. Half of the time I am not really present, just bumbling along, thinking about the past, the future, telling myself stories which I may use in a blog/book or may not.

There is so much that I do not know about my neighbourhood, so many streets, animals, people etc and although I walk in their vicinity many times weekly, I do not “consciously” know that they are there. We do “see” more than we think though. It is not only the eyes that pick up on things. Our ears, skin etc pick up information but we do not articulate it all in our conscious minds or we would probably blow a fuse. There would be so much interference. So many sensations and sights pulling us here and there that nothing would be accomplished.

Next time you take a local walk through built up streets, really be in the now and take a look. I bet you will see a lot of “new” facets and things that have always been there. Although you might be walking down a thoroughfare named for example, Mill Street, I am sure that everyone is walking down a different Mill Street because there is so much to take in and people are so fragmented and are attuned to different aspects. I think that people would have been more likely to have been on similar frequencies historically.

Things were so much different in older times. People really did know their surroundings and were in touch with them. They knew every tree, animal, hill, hole in the path etc and this, I believe meant that they were not only more in tune with their environment on a physical level but on a psychic level too. I think that this is at the root of all psychic spiritual abilities and that this is what we have lost. A lot of people would say so what, the sacrifice is well worth it. I would say that it is at the heart of environmental problems. We no longer feel so connected to each other or the landscape. Our species probably aligned themselves so much with their locality that it seemed like they and it were one organism. They spoke to each other. Man spoke to the natural environment and the environment spoke to him/us. When I say man you know I mean humankind. The land would have spoken to its people in the form of birds singing, flying past suddenly or not, in a fox head turning sharply as the animal stood on alert, in the shifting clouds and a change in the smell and touch of the air on the skin etc. You would know if nature sensed a stranger or tension because you would be in communication.

I think that community rituals and ceremonies would have been so cohesive and people would have practised what a friend called “immersion magic” (Nigel Bourne) where seasonal rituals and everyday life would be intertwined, where the community was important and cooperative. Not like the estates and complexes that people live in now.

It makes sense to me that everything is about frequencies. We are all emitting a frequency and picking up and sifting through others in a millisecond. Each locality probably had a recognisable frequency in the past. I have experienced that in London. I have walked into certain parts and felt a shift and knew that the frequency of the place was jarring a bit with my own frequency. On the contrary, I take to some places immediately as they resonate with me. They speak to me and welcome me. I mean the areas, not the people.

I intend to write about this is more detail in the future but just thought I would jot down some preliminary thoughts. I am going to try to be more conscious of and look into frequences and energies a lot more during this year and record my observations.

Have a nice day fellow journeyer.

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Hello. I am a Registered Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master in the Usui/Tibetan Ryoho Tradition and a Certified Animal Reiki Practitioner. I have given Tarot and Psychic Readings for over 30 years. I have an MA in Psychoanalysis after studying language, symbols, dreams and the unconscious. I founded the School Of Wyrdynamics SOW, which is a school of thought whose intention is to study wyrd and patterns in my own and others' life unfoldments in order to create a healthier and more fulfilling life by maximising choices and positive potentials. Apart from above, other interests are Sociology, Quantum Physics, Qabalah, Ritual and Magickal Theory, Gematria, Animal Welfare and causes...To Be or Not to Be You. That is the Quest and I have lots of tools to help you to uncover and direct your patterns to become the best you.
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