Striped Dolphins Fought Hard But 1/3rd of pod/family killed. Taiji Terror Tales 18/1/13

killer boatsPhotocredit : Sea Shepherd Cove Guardians

These are the boats that the hunters went out in this morning. They started to drive a pod of over 100 striped dolphins at the horizon. The dolphins fought back and two thirds of them managed to outmaneouvre the boats and escaped.

But tragically, they lost a third of their family as the rest, still fighting all the way, were driven into the shallow waters of the Cove and slaughtered for human consumption.

Amended after update : There is always confusion about numbers at first as Sea Shepherd Cove Guardians have to review footage afterwards. It has now been estimated that :

“This morning a very large pod of Striped dolphins were discovered and driven toward the cove. During the drive a majority of the pod escaped, however,58-60 dolphins, including juveniles and babies, were slaughtered with no lives spared.”

In the words of Martyn Stewart, Sea Shepherd Cove Guardian, who is in Taiji :

To say this is distressing would be an understatement,if I had a script writer I would be able to articulate this a lot better but in simple terms, a large family of striped dolphins were separated, chased and destroyed at the drop of a hat. As I write with tears in my eye this is just too much to endure”

beautiful juvenile stripedbaby stripedjap coastThis is the Japanese Coastguard monitoring the striped dolphins being drive. Photocredit : Sea Shepherd Cove Guardians

To help the Taiji dolphins/whales please add your voice on Petitions, Taiji Cove Petitions on the right. Thank You

There is a Taiji Action Day Protest taking place in London, opposite the Japanese Embassy on Friday (the Embassy closes at the weekends) 22nd February 2013 – for details, click

There is a Taiji Action Day in Manchester

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  1. A heartbreaking, irreversible, daily tragedy and not one world government is stepping in to save them. Blessings on The Sea Shepherd Cove Guardians and all other organizations and individuals who are stepping up to the plate to end this unacceptable slaughter. Thank you for your dedication to continually blogging about matters of urgency relating to living beings who cannot speak for themselves. ~Gerean Pflug for The Animal Spirits

    Link posted to our Facebook page at:

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