Worldwide Protest Against Research Whaling 9th February 2013 in Shibuya Tokyo


We will hold a march to protest against “Research” whaling in the Antarctic Ocean, at Shibuya Tokyo.参加希望者は「参加する」をクリックして申請を行なってくださいFaceBookの非会員でも参加は自由です。
Please click “Going” ONLY if you can come. (We need to know the actual number of participants.) Non-members are also welcome.当日は渋谷区の宮下公園の一番北フットサル場の横に集合してください。出発は14:00の予定です。渋谷、道玄坂、表参道を約1時間行進します。
Please meet next to Futsal court the north side of Miyashita-koen, Shibuya-ward. The march starts at 14:00. We will walk from Shibuya through Dogenzaka and Omotesando.参加者の服装は自由です。プラカードや着ぐるみ、拡声器、楽器などの音を鳴らすものなどは各自自由に持って来て構いません。プラカードのスローガンについては特に制限や指示はいたしません。
There is no dress code. Please feel free to bring posters, loudspeaker(s), placards, musical instruments, etc. We have not set any rules of slogan to be used on placards and posters. Please come and join with your friends. There are no restrictions on nationality or affiliation.

【集合】 宮下公園北側(フットサルコート横)
Date: Feb. 9th, Sat.
Time: 13:00 Gather (Please assemble on the north side of Miyashita-Koen, next to the Futsal court, between 13:00 and 13:30.)
13:30 Announcements Start
14:00 March Start
15:00 March FinishThe meeting will end at 15:10.
Place: Miyashita Koen, North. (Next to Futsal court)

1. JR Shibuya Hachiko (North) exit, go to Sanzenri Pharmacy(三千里薬局)direction, go under the (Yamanote-sen) railway tracks and turn right, go up the stair on your right.
2. JR Shibuya Hachiko (north) exit. Cross the road, go under the (Yamanote-sen) railway tracks and turn LEFT at the next traffic lights. Follow the road (Meiji-dori) north for about 5 minutes, to the first footbridge (with a road sign “Shibuya-ku Shibuya 1) where you will find steps up to the south side of the park. Go up the steps and cross the bridge to the north side. The march will disband at another park a little further north.

【主催】海洋哺乳類を守る会: Action for Marine Mammals

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