Support Izumi Ishii-San’s Wild and Free Eco Tourism in Japan

logo“We did a first important step to support Izumi Ishii’s business for whale watching and marine tours – a brand-new logo is created – some more activities will follow and we count on everybodies help with sharing important news”

In Izumi Ishii-San’s own words :

I heard the sound of the dolphins crying as they were killed. I could not bear it” he said in describing his reasons for converting from dolphin killing to dolphin watching.”The value I now see in dolphins is not the value of their meat, but of the wonder they incite in us.”  “I had been moved by the sight of pods of dolphins and sometimes forgot my job as a hunter even when I was hunting them. I would like to convey my excited feelings to people through dolphin watching. ~

In 1997, Izumi Ishii reported to the authorities that the hunters were catching far more dolphins than their quotas allowed. There was no lawful penalty at the time for this over-catching of dolphins, but Izumi Ishii insisted to the Fishery Agency, Pref. Fishery Dept. and his own Fishermen Union, until penalties were created.

September 25, 2002 – The Maiden sailing of The New Kohkaimaru

The dolphin hunting season in Japan runs from September until March, but Futo has not hunted dolphins since 2005.  There are orders from aquariums, but still, they will NOT provide.

Izumi Ishii promised the dolphins and whales that he will protect them.

Excerpt from Izumi Ishii’s website. To read more visit

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