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Badger Cull Protest 27th February outside NFU Conference Birmingham

Photocredit : Animal Rights UK Breaking News from BBC: Owen Patterson has just announced that the Badger Cull WILL go ahead this year in June 2013. We must mobilise harder than ever to protect our beautiful badgers from this senseless … Continue reading

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It’s not all Taiji. Dolphins being massacred in the Solomon Isles Over Money Dispute

There was disbelief and outrage when Solomon Islands Villagers up to 900 dolphins whilst in dispute with a conseravtion group Earth Island Institute. The Solomon Islands were notorious among conservationists as a source of live dolphin capture, like Taiji for … Continue reading

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Anti Cull versus Big Bad Badger Cullers to who plan to start in June 2013. Walk 1st April 2013

There is a plan to make April 1st 2013 Badger Walk Day We plan to walk as many public footpaths on April the 1st at 7pm… Small groups of Anti-Cull supporters walking locally to them, across farmland, public land all … Continue reading

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March 29th to April 1st 2013 is “Let’s Get Shirty. Post a Shirt to Number 10” Day in the UK.

What a great idea that Katy Anchant, Sarah Louise, Andy McArthy, Kaz Allen and Francis Healy-Mcadam have come up with !! Between 29th March and 1st April we are inviting anybody with the time or resources to post one of … Continue reading

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Risso’s are the victims again. Another Day, Another Dolphin Snatch. Taiji Terror Tales 25/1/13

Photocredit : Sea Shepherd Cove Guardians. The pod of Risso’s almost escaped. See how the boats round them up. The noise and disorientation must be horrendous when you are exhausted after being chased. SSCG photocredit : Blocking the entrance to … Continue reading

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