When will the Risso’s be Let off the Hook? Cove Victims Again – Taiji Terror Tales 27/1/13

risso ringPhotocredit : Sea Shepherd Cove Guardians – Risso’s Netted

diversPhotocredit : Sea Shepherd Cove Guardians – Divers close in to push dolphins under the killing tarps. If they resist, they are tied tot the skiffs by their tails and dragged

What can I say? This just goes on and on and on like a nightmare that you cannot wake from.. Sea Shepherd Cove Guardians summarise the morning’s events:

“Early this morning in Taiji, a large pod of 56-58 Risso dolphins was discovered at sea and driven into the killing cove. This pod included many juveniles and babies. 26 dolphins were brutally slaughtered in front of one another as the remaining 30-32 family members swam at the outer edge of the cove. Blood seeped out from within the tarps as the bodies were dragged out by skiffs just past their surviving podmates”

According to Cetabase Taiji Quotas they cannot take anymore Risso’s. I am happy about that but watch out as they can take : 401 bottlenose; 70 false killer whales; 314 pantropical spotted; 119 pacific white-sided; short-finned pilot whales 18 and striped dolphins 216




To help the Taiji dolphins/whales please add your voice on Petitions, Taiji Cove Petitions on the right. Thank You

There is a Taiji Action Day Protest taking place in London, opposite the Japanese Embassy on Friday (the Embassy closes at the weekends) 22nd February 2013 – for details, click http://wp.me/p2H4l9-ie

There is a Taiji Action Day in Manchester https://www.facebook.com/events/445149388874020/?ref=3

There is now a Taiji Action Day In Edinburgh https://www.facebook.com/events/401976849890277/

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