Taiji are now OVER their Risso’s quota. 10 Risso’s taken – Taiji Terror Tales 20/2/13

Risso'sPhotocredit : Sea Shepherd Cove Guardians

“After seven consecutive blue cove days, the dolphins killers entrapped a pod of 10 Risso dolphins within the confines of the cove. This was in violation of the quota allotted by Japanese Department of Fisheries that only allowed the killers to kill or capture 3 more Risso dolphins. The hunt started as the killing boats appeared to be headed home empty handed but turned around and started to drive the pod toward Taiji. After two hours of fighting the Risso dolphin pod lost the battle and were trapped within the confines of the killing cove. In the end, all 10 Risso dolphins ended their morning as pieces of meat scattered around the butcher house floor and the smell of greed, violence and cruelty filled the air of Taiji”

We know that it should not happen to any cetacean (dolphin/whale) but it certainly should not have happened to at least 7 of these unfortunate Risso’s. When I blogged that 17 Risso’s had been taken on 12th February, I pointed out that cetabase had not been updated since 5th February 2013. It was then showing that 20 were available so I recorded on here that they could only take 3 more. I hoped/thought that they would not bother to catch the last 3… and that Risso’s at least were safe for the rest of this hunting season.

But no. They drove 10 for 2 hours this morning and slaughtered them all so they are now 7 over quota. The magnificent 7 that should still be swimming freely and unthreatened in the ocean. What is the point of quotas if they are not adhered to? We will certainly highlight this flouting of the quota and see what happens.

The hunters have had a good season and have taken so many captives, It looks like a more sinsiter trade in exchanging species has taken root as 4 bottlenose dolphins were exchanged for 2 beluga whales recently. This would explain the increase in capture. That is where the money comes from. So the hunters were just being literally bloody minded by snatching the 10 Risso’s today. Sad that the hunters were coming back emptyhanded and then turned back and sealed the fate of this pod.

2 days to go until the Global Action Day and the protest in London :

To help the Taiji dolphins/whales please add your voice on Petitions, Taiji Cove Petitions on the right. Thank You

There is a Taiji Action Day Protest taking place in London, opposite the Japanese Embassy on Friday (the Embassy closes at the weekends) 22nd February 2013 – for details, click http://wp.me/p2H4l9-ie

There is a Taiji Action Day in Manchester https://www.facebook.com/events/445149388874020/?ref=3

There is now a Taiji Action Day In Edinburgh https://www.facebook.com/events/401976849890277/


The above event ” has been set up under the Global Taiji Action Day to raise awareness about the dolphin slaughters in Taiji, and to challenge Japan’s Olympic bid. We will focus on handing out leaflets and talking to people about the atrocities in Taiji. Please join us outside The Japan Society in London. Together we can make a real difference! Thank you to Shona Lewendon for taking this globally, we are joined by many friends around the world!”







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