NEW Stop The Badger Cull Petition plus posters, hard copy petitions etc

When I was at the Taiji Action Day in London opposite the Japanese Embassy on 22/2/13 I was talking to a passerby about the cause and the subject moved on to badgers and the proposed cull. He is pro cull as he comes from a farming background. He was telling me that cows suffer a lot if they contract bovine TB and how distressing it is for the farmers as the cows are individuals to them and they name them. I said that cleanliness of the troughs and the general farming area needs to be strictly adhered to and that the badger cull will actually spread the problem further as badgers will run from their areas,wouldn’t you? He finally said that vaccination is the answer. YES that is the answer and that comes from a farming family man’s mouth. Exactamundo my friends.

Here is a new petition that you can sign and there are posters and a hard copy petition etc. We cannot let them implement this atrocity so please do all that you can. Also I have been told that by the Artful Badger that another anti cull event will be unveiled soon.

For my  previous posts on the badger campaign visit :

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