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An introduction to the Chakras

The word “chakra” comes from the Sanskrit word meaning “wheel”. The chakras are not physical  areas that you can touch. They are spinning wheels of energy and like a wheel they each have a central hub. The chakras begin at … Continue reading

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New Moon at 20 degrees 41 of Aries on Wednesday 10th April 2013

A New Baby Moon will be at 20 degrees 41 of Aries on Wednesday 10th Apri 2013l. We will get a spring in our step, feel impulsive, act and speak directly and passionately. Our emotions will be on fast forward … Continue reading

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1st June 2013 will be busting out all over with people against the Badger Cull

Dress in black and white, bring banners flags and cameras. Let’s be a voice for the badgers to stop this abominable cull. Yes my hair will probably need a trim by then lol. Tories versus Wigs Don’t let our badgers … Continue reading

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