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Dolphins and the ecosystem

Dolphins are apex or top level predators. They are the natural control mechanism for the number of fish and squid and help to maintain the balance in the ecosystem. This balance is fine tuned and delicate. As all is interrelated … Continue reading

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10 of Wands, Cups and Pentacles and Swords in the Rider Waite deck ponderings

On May 9th when the solar eclipse was imminent my thoughts turned to the number 10 and the depictions within the Rider Waite tarot deck and then onto other associations. The images above evoke dread or relief and happiness when … Continue reading

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Full Moon at 4 degrees of Sagittarius on 25th May 2013 at 4:27 GMT

The Full Moon is called the Full Flower Moon in the Farmer’s Almanac. Other names are the Full Corn Planting Moon or the Milk Moon. Widening horizons. Expansive thinking, conversations about philosophy and the wider world. Global thinking. The truth, … Continue reading

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Good dolphin news for a change. Jedol will be released back into the ocean.

Photocredit : NEWSIS “It is not only a matter of one dolphin going home but a matter of the relationship between animals and humans, between Mother Nature and humans,” Seoul mayor Park Won-Woon said. He has got it in … Continue reading

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Help Badgers and Farmers. Culling is not the final solution

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Eclipse Event. Gold (Sun) Medallist, Andrew Simpson drowns as trapped under water by Artemis

Photocredit : AP/San Jose Mercury News Olympic Gold Medalist, Andrew Simpson died in San Fransisco Bay because the capsized catamaran’s platform trapped him under the water (Moon) for 10 minutes. The catamaran was called “Artemis” symbolising the Greek Goddess of … Continue reading

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New Moon at 19 degrees 31 of Taurus on 10th May 2013 at 00:28 and Annular Solar Eclipse

(The picture is actually of a crystal ball and the Moon that I took but hey ho they can be a representation. It’s all about light…) An eclipse takes place when the orbits of the Moon and  Earth align closely … Continue reading

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Beltane – Time to Rediscover The Fire within The Self

Happy May Day and Beltane. What associations does the word “Beltane” conjure up within your imagination? Maypole dancing, the May Queen, Fairies, Morris Dancing, Jack In The Green, The Green Man, Beltane Fires on the Skyline. May Blossom. Spring, Frolics … Continue reading

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