Countdown to Taiji Terror Tales – Season 2013-2014

japan timesPhotocredit and Source -The Japan Times

If you read the above article in “The Japan Times” you will get an understanding of why there is a growing movement to halt the brutal Taiji drive hunts. The savage killing of the dolphins/pilot whales is horrendous enough but live capture of those dolphins who fit the criteria for training for the entertainment industry in facilities like SeaWorld is the reason that this form of hunting is profitable. That is why the campaign for the dolphins is three pronged+  (like Neptune’s trident). With eyewitness accounts from Sea Shepherd Cove Guardians and records being kept we are aiming to halt the brutal hunting/killing, the brutal live capture/training and exploitation of dolphins/whales and educate the public about how these seemingly smiley dolphins are caught/trained/transported/inhumanely treated and exploited. The only place to really learn about dolphins/whales is in their natural habitiat. Plus of course, there is enormous damage to the ecosystem. That is a whole issue in itself.

Yesterday, there was a worldwide awareness campaign and protest called “Worlwide Empty The Tanks”. Once again, our comrades in Japan were standing fin to fin to appeal to be a voice for the dolphins.

On Friday 30th August 2013 there will be another protest in London opposite the Japanese Embassy.

Come along if you can make it. I am sure that there will be an online protest too on the day which you will be able to sign.

The best way that you can help is to spread the word and educate people about drive hunting. If you love dolphins do not go to a dolphinarium. If your friends mention that they are planning on going, please tell them about drive hunting and the link between that and these facilities. This is not about education and conservation and it is most definitely not about Japanese tradition. It is about money, huge profits.

I am going to see the documentary film “Blackfish” this week. I will write a post about it.

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