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Quota for the Taiji Drive Hunters to Pilfer during 2013-2014 season is set

Well we knew these figures would be set but it still makes grim reading. Looking at Cetabase we see that the drive hunting quotas have been set to : 2,013 total cetaceans allowed from seven species. -Pacific white-sided dolphins (134), … Continue reading

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A child’s poster against the Badger Cull

A friend of mine, who I studied Reiki with, sent me this image which was drawn by her daughter’s best friend ( Amber). She said that Amber “ is very very upset about the badgers and is struggling with what’s … Continue reading

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Japan Dolphins Day in London 30th August 2013

I went to the Japan Dolphins Day Protest in London yesterday. Once gain there was a good turnout. Everyone there used their voice for the dolphins and the imminent 2013-2014 drive hunting season. We all dread it. That is why … Continue reading

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