Albino Dolphin in Taiji Whale Museum – Taiji Terror Tales January 2014

albinoPhotocredit ; Sea Shepherd Cove Guardians

This rare little beauty has been given the name Angel. He is in the public eye because he and his kinfinfolk had the misfortune to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and cross paths with the notorious Taiji drive hunters. They must have rubbed their hands with glee and visualised Kerching Kerching when they came accross such a large cache of their prey.

They drove the dolphins into the Cove, netted them in, left them with no food and terrified until the trainers entered to hand wrestle and pick those that they deemed suitable for live capture to be trained for human entertainment.

Sea Shepherd Cove Guardians reported from on the ground:

Today, 15 Bottlenose dolphins were taken for a life of imprisonment in captivity. Of the total from today, 1 dolphin did not survive the gruesome kidnapping process and died in transfer to its awaiting cell. In the last two days, a total of 40 Bottlenose dolphins have been kidnapped from their families.

The remaining 200+ Bottlenose dolphins will spend a third night in the cove without food and brutally murdered tomorrow morning.

Please continue to follow for further updates and footage from today’s horrific events. 2:24p #tweet4taiji

Well the Taiji drive hunters have really excelled at gaining the spotlight this time. I and thousands of others are totally horrified at what is unfolding in Taiji. Forget Celebrity Big Brother, this is the real Reality Show going on. The only positive spin that I can put on this latest atrocity being undertaken in the name of “tradition” <<cough>> is that they have drawn more adverse publicity and are raising anti Taiji drive hunting awareness.

It has been alleged that their media even tried to hoodwink their people by a celebration of their rescuing the poor little albino. The undisputable truth is that this dolphin’s pod, along with other pods were relentlessly driven and barbarically snatched from their ocean home.

There is a lot of information circulating from several sources. Please talk, tweet, express your horror on Facebook, sign the petitions and most importantly, educate people of the link between these drive hunts and the dolphin entertainment industry. It is the training and sale of dolphins from these hunts to such facilities as SeaWorld that is keeping this business afloat. It’s the usual formula to topple such enterprises, Follow the money and cut the cord at the source. Yes, the waters around Taiji are the source of the dolphins but you need to think out of the pens and turn it on its head and know that the true source is the demand from the dolphin/cetacean entertainment facilities for live captives. This demand would not exist if it was not for the paying people, the public who pull money out of their pocket to pay to go in and see these dolphin shows.

Have you seen “Blackfish”? The same genre. Tilikum is not the plot villian. Humans are. I intially wrote the word humankind but I had to remove the kind because it is a misnomer.

Read the links below to learn more:

If you are in  London on Friday 21st February there is a protest

Feel free to add any other links and information in the comments section. Thank You

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