London Protest Against The Dolphin Massacre 7th November 2014 & afterwards – Taiji Terror Tales 2014-2015

rob hill photoPhotocredit: Rob Hill

I attended the protest against the Taiji Drive hunting opposite the Japanese Embassy in London on Friday 7th November 2014. For information on this and future protests visit

Dominic Dyer gave a speech, Ric O’Barry was there too and the energy was high as we pushed the message “Enough is enough”. Indeed Enough is enough on so many levels. We have depleted enough ocean life, interfered with eco systems, put animals through suffering, objectified dolphins/orcas and other animals and used them for our entertainment for long enough. Enough is enough for me too of people who are just so absorbed in their quest for the next fix of entertainment or consumer goods that they just carry on regardless as though all this animal cruelty and exploitation has nothing to do wth them.

Remember the accusations that were going around after the death of Princess Diana when we were told that anyone who had bought newspapers to look at her image were part of the cause of her death when the paparazzi were hounding her? Well it is the same with Taiji drive hunting.

If you buy a ticket to a dolphin show you are entangled with drive hunting. It is not the fishing that keeps that crew afloat but the live capture and training of “suitable” dolphins for human entertainment. It is not rocket science to work out that if there is no demand then there will be no need to supply.

Today, November 16th Sea Shepherd Cove Guardians reported

The hunters of Taiji have slaughtered yet another pod of Risso’s.

At 7:05am, the Cove Guardians spotted the hunting vessels approximately 10-12 miles off the coast and noticed that they were in drive formation, greedily pushing a pod of dolphins toward the cove.

During the drive, the pod almost outsmarted the hunters when they split apart in order to escape, however they were ultimately outmatched and overpowered by the steel death machines, banger poles, slap paddles and 22 ruthless men.

While the defenseless dolphins were netted into the cove, awaiting death, they became so desperate to escape, they began to jump the nets and throw themselves onto the rocks and beach.

Ultimately, the hunters murdered the entire pod, which consisted of approximately 18-20 dolphins, including adults, juveniles and babies.

— at Taiji Japan.

Everyone can help by drawing attention to this barbaric trade. If someone mentions that they are thinking of going to a dolphin show tell them about Taiji.
I left the protest a little early as I was a bit under the weather and jumped onto a crowded tube train and sat next to a very smartly suited businessman who turned to me and said that he had seen the protest as he had business near the Japanese Embassy and had walked past. I was pleasantly surprsied that he was engaging with me as was sitting there with a Sea Shepherd hat on and a dolphin painted on my face. He told me that he used to work for a zoo but left when he realised that although they do some good conservation work, something is seriously wrong as they have too many animals and have to put some down. It upset him so she left. He said he knew about the brutal drive hunting methods and agreed with us protesting about it. Whe I told him it was also about the live capture for facilities like SeaWorld and about the trainers going into he water to select the most suitable for training before the rest are slaughtered his eyes widened and he said that he had not made that connection. He seemed stunned. When I mentioned orcas his eyes widened again as he had not heard of that part of the industry. I told him to watch “Blackfish”. I know he will and I know that he wil tell people about the link between Taiji and SeaWorld. Our paths crossed for a few stops on the Victoria Line but it was a key encounter. This is the sort of opportunity that will present itself to everyone. Talk about Taiji whenever you can and you are helping to end this barbaic practice.
When we arrived at his stop the man got up and shook my hand and said congratulations on being part of the protest and of giving him so much food for thought in a small space of time. I knew my decision to get on the train at that time had been the right one. This is how a shift will be created..tell one person who will tell another who will>>>>>>>

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