London Demo Against Taiji Dolphin Massacre and Captivity 17/1/15 at Trafalgar Square – Taiji Terror Tales 2015

trafalgar love dolphin I attended the  Carnival Demo March Against Taiji Dolphin Slaughter and Captivity Trade//Blackfish Awareness/Boycott SeaWorld/Empty The Tanks//Free Lolita.

The march started in Cavendish Square in Central London and ended at a demo in Trafalgar Square. There was a brilliant turnout. People raised awareness through chants and banners and leafleting. It is always very moving and very motivating to link with like minded people. It was so good to be in Trafalgar Square at a protest for the dolphins and whales. It feels good to live in a country where there are no longer any dolphinariums but it does not feel good to be a member of a species that inflicts so much suffering on animals and the environment.

I loved this “Je suis dolphin” banner and it was nice to see other banners with “Je suis Tilikum” and “Je suis Corky”and “Je suis Morgan”. There may have been others that I did not see as there were a lot of attendees. There are so many other names that could have been displayed.

je suis dolphinAll of the captive orca and dolphin stories are distressing. I posted about Corky a while back as it broke my heart to hear her story. She proved that whales are intelligent social creatures with strong family bonds.

Maisie Williams who plays Arya Stark in “Game Of Thrones” was there for the dolphins and  these three animal campaigners gave excellent speeches to educate and motivate the crowd.

lady2 and meSharon Bull read a poem which she had written from Angel which was very moving. This is a good way of educating children about the plight of Angel and her species as they will be able to identify with Angel. It is not madness to attribute human emotions to dolphins as it is acknowledged by scientists that they and whales live in families, use language and form strong emotional attachments. It is so crucial to reach children so that they know not to visit a dolphin show.

will travers

You can listen to Will Traver’s inspiring speech here:

dominic dyer

You can listen to the motivational words of Dominic Dyer here

It was so poignant that this march and demo took place tday as it is one year since Angel the albino was brutally taken captive by the Taii drive hunters. I posted on here at the time about it:

angelFor information on Angel visit

So what can we do to bring this barbaric enterprise to an end? We can carry on protesting and educating people as this movement is gaining momentum. There is another protest outside the Japanese Embassy on Friday February 20th. Follow the link for the details:

In the meantime you can do this:

embassyIf Tim on 0207 4656500 is not available keep trying or see if anyone else at the Embassy will speak to you although I cannot envisage any other staff willing to take on the role of “Je suis Tim at the Japanese Embassy Londres”

 Prince William is going to be visitng to  Japan shortly so you can ask him to request that Taiji stops the brutal drive hunting. I quote from today’s Telegraph

Kensington Palace said in a statement that the Prince would travel to Japan first and attend a number of events in the capital, Tokyo, and other areas on behalf of the Government.

These engagements would be “focused on UK-Japan relations, commerce and cultural exchange and in support of his own personal interest in combating the illegal wildlife trade.

Other related links:

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