Hello, Good Day and Very Welcome to my page. This is my 1st blog so am experimenting a bit. I usually carry a little notebook and write down thoughts or just store them somewhere in my overflowing mind. I love words, reading and writing. Started writing silly poems and stories from a young age so this is ideal. A repository for my random thoughts and ramblings.

On a new journey as just been attuned to Reiki One and Two. Doing Animal Reiki soon. Loving it as it aligns with everything else I’m into which includes tarot, Wicca, Magickal Consciousness, Synchronicity in all its Splendour, animals, trees and general nature, dreams, the unconscious, language, symbols..just about anything that grabs my attention really

Academically, BA Sociology and MA Psychoanalysis (Theory, am not an Analyst)

I haven’t got a clue what will be written here so I will just go with the free associational flow. Feel free to follow this flow and see where we float~~~~~~~


5 Responses to About

  1. ~~~S Wave~~~ says:

    Hi Rose! Thanks for visiting my site. I like how you are taking on this new blogging experience with such a great attitude. Enjoy!

  2. affirmagise says:

    Hi Rose, Thank you for visiting my site and liking my post. Love is all around Karen

  3. Heru's Light says:

    Hello dear Rose, I’ve nominated you for the Sunshine Award, because your blog consistently helps turn me around to face the Sun of my own making. http://heruslight.com/awards/

  4. Hi Rose, thank you for visiting my site ! I was reading you About action and it made me smile… Us animal protecting, Reiki practising writers should stick together and I really appreciate your comments (more things to,research is never a bad thing). Oh and incidentally my degree was in sociology too – there are very few of us compared to other disciplines.

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