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Dark Day for Badgers and Anyone with an Ounce of Commonsense – 5th June 2013

photocredit : Well, I didn’t want to have to write a post saying this but I am not totally surprised. Disappointed, angry, sad yes, but surprised I am not. The voting was pretty close. Parliament voted  against a motion … Continue reading

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The Hunting Act Celebrates its 8th Birthday today. Many Many More Happy Returns

Photocredit : We want to keep the Hunting Ban in place. There have been a spate of moral panic stories about urban foxes on the rampage lately. You have to treat these stories with caution as what appears as … Continue reading

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Urban Foxes being hounded. Step One to Bring Back Fox Hunting

The photo above is a bit dark but then urban foxes do generally come out at night. This little one used to appear at times. I named him/her Roxy. Roxy was very shy and used to just look for rubbish. … Continue reading

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