Is beauty really skin deep?

This such a big issue these days about appearances. Words are powerful so be mindful that what you say has a really big effect on the targetetd individual. It can affect their whole day. Women seem to be the main perpretrators of pulling others down. The way another woman talks about me, her friends or other women is a yardstick that I use to see whether they are genuine or not and whether I wanted to do spiritual/magickal/healing work with them. Surround yourself with people who allow you to be you. Use words and the Gaze wisely.

Express yourself with creativity!

What do you believe?

Society is so hot on looks at the moment that it makes it hard to believe this term. I know the media are trying to release the pressures put on us by publishing photos of models that aren’t flawless and I am happy about this.

I suppose the real reason behind me writing this post is I received a comment from a friend saying “omg you look so different without mascara?!” I wasn’t sure whether to take it as a compliment or insult but it made me think… Do I hide behind my mascara wand through society pressures or for my own pleasure. I decided to strip back the mascara for a photo and be bare to the world

Okay, so it’s quite obvious I look rougher on the right side, possibly even unwell. However is this because my natural look isn’t seen as beauty? Or…

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Paolo Simoni Veschi

paoloWe are all aware that the internet and social media networking sites are not foolproof and that people make fake profiles or present themselves in any guise that they want. The marine animal protection sector has been the target of such an individual who managed to befriend people and gain admittance to groups who are campaigning against Taiji drive hunting, whaling and the cetacean captivity industry.

Soemone called himself (or themselves. It is a possibilty that there was more than one person behind this..) Paolo Simoni Veschi. He claimed to be a marine biologist living in France with Italian origins. Over a year he successfully befriended many marine activists and animal activists. There was a profile for his so called girlfriend too under the name of  Opis Opi.

He used pictures of the French actor Guillaume Dolmans pictured above on the right. It gave him an appeal, certainly to women.

He requested to be facebook friends with me too but I always thought that his pictures looked a bit too polished, too perfect and indeed they were, as they were of the actor, Guillaume Dolmens, obviously taken by a professional.

“Paolo” put a lot of effort into this and a lot of time. The truth about him has not been unveiled. Was it just the work of a lonely individual who wanted to amuse himself by deceiving people? Was it someone who wanted to infiltrate the animal activist groups as we do share a lot of contacts and discuss a lot of campaigns?

He seemed to have a lot of information on the captive cetacean industry notably about Morgan and Tilikum, the captive orcas.

If more information about him comes to light, I will post it here. Will the real Paolo Simoni Veschi please stand up? Who are you? Do you have other aliases? What do you really think about cetaceans and captivity?

Part of me is wondering whether this was a psychological study on how people can build fake personas on social networking sites and that we should expect “Paolo” to make an appearance in an academic book or on TV at some time in the future.

Who knows? Well, as “Paolo”he has been rumbled…

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New Moon in Scorpio and Solar Eclipse 3rd November 2013

new moon solar eclipsePhotocredit :

On Sunday 3rd November 2013 at 12.50 GMT there will be a Scorpio New Moon which is a fitting one for this time of the year as we have just passed Samhain/Halloween and been thinking about family members and friends who have passed over to the other side of the veil. Scorpio is in the 8th house of the Zodiacal wheel (which is apt because Scorpions have 8 legs) and relates to death and regeneration, sex and death, secrets and inheritances, taxes and all things of that ilk. To add to the mix there will be a Solar Eclipse close to the planet Saturn, Old Father Time who imposes limits and boundaries.

Scorpio energy likes to delve into dark places and solve mysteries and the best mystery to solve is your own story i.e why you act/react the way that you do, why you place limits on yourself, why you think you have enough time to procrastinate and leave things for another day, why you have fixed opinions and self imposed taboos about certain issues which affects what you are willing to experience. In what parts of your life is your own tail stinging you? You will probably uncover issues to do with power, sex and the exchange of money and secrets. As a Solar Eclipse has not happened in Scorpio for a long time, there could be over exposure where things get blown up to enormous scales. Pent up emotions will erupt and the fallout could leave you feeling out of salts for a week or more.

Burrow into your own psyche like a scorpion burrows into soil and see if you can unearth and bring to light the roots of destructive patterns in your life. In what situations do you freeze people or situations out? Scorpions can survive if you put them in a freezer overnight. remove them and expose them to the sunlight (conscious mind) when they will come back to life and start moving again.

Your efforts at self analysis will be supercharged by the cosmic energies around at this time. It will all be worth it because you will feel lighter and transformed/regenerated for the cming festive season as you will feel more lighthearted.

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Reporting For Duty. A Badger Guardian’s Tale

badger armyPhoto and Account Credit : Miranda Veganlatte

Have you been wondering what kind of people are out on the frontline defending the badgers? Here is an account from one such person. I am grateful that she does this as without people like her, the badgers would be defenceless.

Thoughts of a badger sab….

A friend asked me to write a few words about my experiences sabbing the badger cull in Gloucestershire and it seems especially timely as the cull, in Somerset which had just finished, has just been started up again and will run until November 1st. An extension to the cull in Gloucester, due to finish this week, has already been applied for.. So all activists in the field, about to complete six weeks of grueling sabbing are now facing 3 more weeks of same.. I am a former hunt sab – I used to sab the Cambridgeshire Foxhounds and the Puckeridge and Thurlow (as it was then) twenty-five years ago and I had no plans to come out of sabbing ‘retirement’.. Although not involved with sabbing any longer, I remained a committed vegan and have been for 25 years and am now raising vegan children. In spite of having no plans to get involved, I became increasingly disturbed by what I was learning of the threat to 5000 British badgers and also saw it as a vegan issue – without a dairy industry to protect, there would be no cull… As political means and record-breaking petitions failed, it became clear that nothing was going to save the badgers except people coming out to be with them in the field in their hour of need… So I decided to go and help and picked Gloucestershire because I had friends involved there and also a place to stay. In the two years leading up to the cull starting, dedicated activists scoured the cullzone and mapped the setts and monitored them to see which were active and which not…Then as the cull drew closer,setts were checked to see which ones had bait put down to draw the badgers into the open away from their setts where they could be shot.. ..As sabbing the cull has been organised in Glos, the most vulnerable (pre-baited) setts are all allocated badgersitters each night who then sit by their sett until morning…(if more people would come then more setts could have their own guardians..) This means that if gunmen come to the sett, according to health and safety laws, they cannot shoot if there are people close by and sabs have an opportunity to startle the badgers who should then return to the safety of their setts.. My own experience through this time began on the first night of the cull when I spent the night by a badger sett at Hawthorne’s Farm… it was an extraordinary experience as I sat in the field looking up at shooting stars (I wished on every single one of them..) and the Milky Way, identifying stars (and the planet Neptune!!) using the Sky map app on my ‘phone) and listening to the sounds of animals going about their lives around me… A fellow sab had to leave part of the way through the night and offered me a binbag to curl up in as I had, disastrously, come out without a coat, ..having got so hot and bothered on my journey to Glos, earlier in the day that being cold had been absolutely beyond my imagination… By morning I was as cold as I had ever been in my life as my binbag had filled with condensation but we had the satisfaction of knowing that ‘our’ badgers had spent a peaceful night.. As the weeks of the cull went on, I have been to Glos and done two or three nights each week and have grown closer to the badgers that I have come to protect.. In the earliest days we were worried that our presence there was preventing the badgers from coming out but we soon realised that the badgers were, initially, using a different entrance and simply heading off for food and adventure in a different direction.. But then in more recent weeks, their presence has become more obvious as they learn to ignore their sab companions and I hear them setting off in a large family group…it is usually too dark to see them and their markings provide an astonishing level of camouflage… but I hear them squeaking and mock fighting and even their feet pattering across the ground.. One even climbed onto my rucksack behind me one night..I don’t know who was more startled.. well, it was me, actually!! The sabbing itself is certainly not for the fainthearted and is a real labour of love.. I am saying that as someone well out of her comfort zone, doing this.. Even though an experienced hunt sab, through my involvement in sabbing foxhunts,I was used to playing a much more active role… observing the hunt, checking wind direction, rating the hounds off a scent etc etc but ‘badger sabbing’ as we call it (should really be badger cull sabbing, of course!) is a completely different.. While we always have people ready to jump in a car and head to any location that shots may have been heard or shooter vehicles spotted etc the bulk of the work is patient, cold, nervy sitting and waiting to see whether a hired assassin comes to try and kill the little souls under your protection for the night…. There are lights that need checking out: is that the torchbeam from the ‘spotter’ who works with the shooter to find victims? Is that the infra red light on a highpowered rifle? There are noises that could be gunshots or a car backfiring; there are spooky animal noises – both badgers and foxes make an enormous variety of noises some of them absolutely spinechilling..! The police presence here has been ridiculous – from the ‘Hey Guys’ from the hippy police liaison officer in his blue bib, wearing his friendship bracelets… to the heavy mob from the Met and West Mercia..everywhere we go we are followed and harried by them as they check sabs vehicles over on a nightly basis and generally try and hold us up and waste our time… While at the same time shooters’ vehicles drive around in convoy with the police…quite surreal at times… But an antidote to the depressing behaviour of the police, is the spirit and calibre of my fellow sabs.. they truly are a group of the finest people and I am humbled by the obstacles that many have overcome in order to be there: distance (I live 200 miles from Glos but somebody came from the US to sab the cull..); ill health – we have had sabs with circulatory problems, sabs on crutches, sabs with blocked arteries who were unable to walk very far; my 94-year-old friend who has heart disease came 200 miles to do her bit; family problems: I don’t want to betray anybody’s privacy but an amazing couple whose precious son has life-limiting illness, come in turn while the other stays to look after him etc etc So while many made their excuses and stayed home..many more dug a bit deeper and came anyway… And probably the fact that sabs are still frequently vilified by people who don’t understand our drive to save lives that we value as much as our own means that even though the nights have been long and cold and in many cases nerve-racking or upsetting – such as when we know we have lost one of the 5000.. an amazing by-product of this challenging task that we have set ourselves is the extraordinary camaraderie that has developed among sabs from all over Britain, in a small church carpark in Gloucestershire… We are a Band of Brothers and Sisters..we are the Badger Army Reporting for Duty… by Miranda Veganlatte

If you would like to become involved with sabbing the cull you can find some information on the link below :

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Applauding Japanese Activists – Taiji Terror Tales 2013-2014

japanese activistsPhotocredit: Suzette Ackerman

The picture above is crucially important. This person and Japanese activists like him are the ones who hold the key and will be able to turn the deadlock on the Taiji Cove situation. I think that this seaon 2013-2014 will be different from the last season as Japanese people begin to protest and educate their compatriots. The Fishermen’s Union and interested parties have always played the imperialist card to justify their continued drive hunting by demonising the protestors arguing that the opposition comes from outside of Japan and is an example of imperialists trying to subvert a culture/tradition. They will not be able to take this line when the new wave of protest is coming from within Japan. So to further the cause we need to applaud and support these brave people who come openly to denouce the Taiji drive huint and whaling. Japan is not like the UK. A Japanese lady told me that those individuals who do not tow the country line are hounded and intimidated by the powerful Nationalists so this gentleman pictured above was very courageous and has probably got himself into deep water. People like him are paving and walking the road to progress that will eventually lead to the demise of the atrocities within the Cove. They need our support and the Japanese Government need to know that we are watching and discussing as I maintain that we are the protestors’ protection. So despite what is happening within the Cove do not reject and denouce all Japanese because you are including the Japanese activists who will make the crucial difference.

“The real hero’s today: Japanese activists demonstrating against the driving hunts in Taiji. Picture from @[521346467:2048:Suzette Ackermann]. The text I added is shown to her and she agreed with the content: the message is clear. Japanese activists will help to stop the hunt and need our support..full stop. They will stop the driving hunts. Shouting and offending Japan will not save any dolphin. Not-Japanese people can help them to stop the demand: inform people to not buy a ticket for a dolphinarium. You can use our multilanguage videos to inform people and especially children about why dolphins are sad in dolphinaria: NO dolphinaria in Europe !! Please share the 15 videos (24 languages): Close dolphinaria. No blood, no cruelty; please share everywhere, children should see it : and sign this petition please: English/French/Dutch : English/croation/Bulgarian English/russian/indonesian English/simplified Chinese/Japanese: English/Chinese/Japanese English/italian/Greece English/German/Spanish: English/Portuguese/Czech: English/Arabic/Indonesian: English/Thailand/Hungary Englis/Ukraine/Albanian English/French/Turkish English/Lithuanian/Russian Video in 18 languages: English/Arabic/Persian: The video’s are made with the help of a worldwide team: -Amoeba Cheung (China) -Andrew Randrianasulu (Russia) -Annelies Mullens (Belgium) -Astrid Dickopf( Germany) -Carolina HL (Chile) -Elize (Belgium) -Eri Tanaka (Japan) -David Delpouy (France) -Elona Perleka (Albania) -Filikaki Tataimou (Greece) -Igor Sahadžić (Croatia) -Ilaria Delfina Ferri (Italy) -Lilian Magliane Cantafaro (Brasil) -Lone Wolf (Iran) -МАРИЯ АНГЕЛОВА (Bulgaria) -Nawal Alketery (Indonesia) -Petr Major (Czech Republic) -Rasa Ramanauskaitė (Lithuania) -Sacha Ulmer (Thailand) -Veronika Kristóf (Hungary) _Yevgeniy Pakhomov (Ukraine) -Uli Sharbinie (Indonesia

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New Moon 12.34 am GMT October 5th 2013 at 11 degrees 56 Libra

new moonThis New Moon falls just after the Autumn Equinox when light and dark are still close to balance and the New Moon is in Libra the sign of balance and harmony, represented by an image of the scales.  We have just passed through the Full Moon in Pisces so have been immersed in our dreams as those things which are are deepest desires came to the surface. If we spoke about the things that came to the surface it probably all came out as a bit delusional. Now there is a practical tinge to our emotions and emotional responses which should help us to become balanced again, all things being almost equal.

Things have shifted as we are now aware of what is in our hearts, where we want to be and we need to start to prepare for things in the outer world to shift into a new configuration which will involve some loss of job, old dreams or ties so that we can be relaunched into a new configuration. If others will be affected by the changes that we feel compelled to make then the best strategy would be to assess things carefully and present the pros and cons of the present and the future situations/proposals and present a balanced picture. Use language carefully and be gentle and quite visual with your speech and your presentation. Be respectful. Present your propsals using a compare and contrast model. “Compared to this time last year, we are here. If we do this and that, let go of this, expand that, this time next year we could achieve this.”

This New Moon is heading towards the next Full Moon which will be in Aries which will really give us another push towards being bold and starting afresh. The old things that we are hanging on to will really begin to bore us and make us tense unless we start to face the truth about ourselves and where we are at now.

Some activities are recommended when the Moon is in a certain sign as the energies will be in harmony with them. In one of my previous posts I gave some advice about workig with Libra Moon energy :

Moon in LibraThis Moon energy is quite fruitful as it is both moist and airy. It is a suitable time to plant crops that require good pulp growth. You could also plant flowers and vines. They will look very presentable and creep in the direction that you want them to. If you grow hay and corn it is an excellent time to seed it.

Magickal workings: this Moon energy is good for anything to do with negotiations on partnership and legal matters. Things will find a balanced outcome much more easily if they are started here. It is an auspicious time to begin healing for anything to do with the lower back region and the kidneys. You could kickstart health here by drinking more water.

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Looking back to Autumn 2011. A Random yet Most Memorable Encounter

At this time of year my mind goes into reverse to a couple of years ago when I had a conversation on a bus. Funny how you can meet people just once, especially on public transport and have a conversation that stays with you. This one always will. During late 2012-13 we had a very harsh long winter and it looked like Spring had indeed ridden off forever into some other galactical sunset. We were so pleasantly surprised to have a late but beautful summer although the randomness did play havoc with a lot of species so it was not good news for them. However, I have good memories of the warm/hot weather this year and as the Dark Lord gradually draws his cloak over and creates the illusion of stealing our daylight, I am looking forward to next year’s sun. In the meantime, there is coziness, inner workings, resting and planning to focus on. But as we reach this point of the turning of the wheel of the year I will always revisit this random encounter and conversation on a bus from October 2011

Originally published in Gaian Times at

My neighbour and I were discussing pruning the garden a bit one day in October. But then we decided to leave it until the end of February because one of my plants gets covered in berries and for the past couple of years it has provided food for some wood pigeons, a blackbird and a robin. As there is a possibility of a harsh winter we agreed to keep the food source for them. Then we started to talk about climate change and how it is affecting nature. I said I would love to ponder this more with him but I had to dash off as I needed to travel to Kent to visit my mother in hospital. So I went off with thoughts of climate changes and wondering how bird life, food supplies etc will be affected.

I sat on the only available seat to take me to the underground still contemplating and then a voice asked me if I could possibly change a £10 note. It was the lady sitting next to me. She needed change for the bus driver. I gave her the change and then we started talking idly and typically British, the weather came up as a topic. I told her about my neighbour and I deciding to keep the bush with the berries unchecked for the winter as it was visited by the birds for the past two years. She nodded and then I started musing about climate change and how I was wondering what was going to happen and how it would affect nature.

“Well I can tell you what I know” she said “It makes a change to bump into someone who opens a conversation about my passion” It turned out that she is a research scientist into climate change. She writes for a scientific magazine. “You are quite right to expect the birds to remember your plant as a food source because he animal and bird kingdom live by patterns and predictability but they are going to have to adapt to things becoming less patterned and predictable”

She then explained that research has shown that climate change is happening at a very fast rate, much faster than the public realise and that associated changes are much more wide ranging than we envisage.” It’s critical” she said. “We are approaching a stage which scientists are calling “the tip over” When we hit that the balance and pattern of nature will change and we can never go backwards” She continued that patterns in all of nature’s species will change as they have to adapt to an extremely significant shift. Indicators are revealing that we will only have two seasons in the future, Winter and Summer. Spring and Autumn will vanish from the cycle. Winter will be very wet and then we will launch straight into the heat of Summer. Every species will have to adapt to this.

She added that she has been studying gases in the atmosphere and that a recent alarming discovery has been that the algae in reservoirs is producing methane gas and that this is a significant factor. There is going to be a shortage of water. It is not too far in the future. In fact it is far closer than is widely known.

I asked her what can be done, if anything to prevent us reaching the “tip over” She looked sad and said that everyone needs to abide by the Kyoto Agreement and everyone needs to commit wholeheartedly. She highlighted countries that are recently industrialising and developing at a rapid rate. They are creating so many gases and pushing us all towards the “tip over”. They know that this is the case but they are not listening but are saying that it is their turn to develop now, like Western countries did and they do not want to stop. Why should they? They have modelled themselves on us. We had our day. Now it is their turn and they are going for it come hell or high water.

We reached our destination and bade each other good luck and farewell. I was stunned that I had met her at the exact time that I was asking myself what would happen with climate change. The sneak preview that she gave me saddened me to the core.

Two big things I have taken for granted, taken as permanent fixtures are becoming extinct. Two big guns Spring and Autumn. Spring with its freshness, the lily white bouncing lambs, the excited flight and chattering of birds, the smells, the calls, the spring in our step, the promise of warmth, the gradual peeling off of layers and slow gentle revelation of shoots and pregnant buds.Autumn with its array of warm fireside invoking colours, the shuffle and crackle of our feet creating a path through the leaves. The time when trees gently surrender their finery, de-layering as we gradually re-layer as our hearts and thoughts turn to time at home snuggling up with ideas and family.

Can you imagine life without these seasons? Did you ever imagine that they would cease to be?

We know this is happening. We have been witnessing and commenting on the unusual weather that we have experienced but we have been thinking it is just a fluke.

Take nothing for granted.

When you step out into Autumn, look around you. Absorb into your memory and take photographs of the shades of leaves, inhale deeply and drink in the smells so that you can recall them.

Welcome and embrace the Spring like an old friend when it appears and tell it that although you have taken it for granted and you might not have spent as much time walking in it and marvelling at its beautiful exhibits as you could have done, you have always loved it and looked forward to it and you would be devastated if it never returned.

When you walk across a field or through the woods or just step out into your garden or street and see birds, other wild animals or even insects, spare them a thought. Be humble and empathise with them even for a minute and apologise for what they will face in the future. They won’t spit on the ground as we pass by or name and shame us as a species for being the enemy within. They will just adapt, sink or swim, as a species or develop new ways if interspecies cooperation. We can learn a lot from nature. But we should not have taken it for granted.

“Mother Nature Forgive us. For, we knew not what we were doing.”



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Boycott Genting Casinos Until The Dolphins Are Free – London 21.09.13

075I  spent a couple of hours oustude Genting Casino in Shaftesbury Avenue, London yesterday handing out leaflets and talking to people about the 24 dolphins being held at Genting Casino’s S,E,A Aquarium in Singapore. Even though I was not there too long I managed to hand out several leaflets and talk to many people. Most people had not made the link between the Genting Casinos and captive wild dolphins. Indeed I had not either until informed. Several people were aghast and said that they will never go there and will tell their friends about it if they mention any interest in visiting the casino.

There were some memorable encounters. One was a young guy who was with a friend whose opening words to me were “I love dolphins. You’re going to make me cry aren’t you…” He was quite upset when I told him about the dolphins in Singapore. He knew about Taiji Cove too. He took a leaflet and will look it up. I told his friend to take a photo of him with our dolphin (incidentally that was one of the original dolphin costumes in the UK that was used in the campaign against the dolphinarium in Windsor) to cheer him up and he did.

I spoke to another couple. One of them was well versed in captive cetacean issues and he had been to see “Blackfish”. His friend had not and was not aware of Taiji or captive cetacean issues but he is now.

A taxi driver stopped to pick up a leaflet and said he was unaware of the Genting Casino dolphin link. Now a London cabbie is a great person to enrol in the cause. I know that whenever he drives past or if he has to drive a client to the casino he will talk about their captive dolphins. London Black Cab drivers talk and like to share their knowledge. Hmmm maybe it would be good to get more cabbies aware of some issues. It’s a crazy cunning plan but it might just work…

There was one gentleman who seemed to misunderstand and took the leaflet we gave him into the casino. I think he expected to see dolphins in there! Well, he would have carried our message and started a conversation about the dolphins anyway so that is a result.

For more information visit :

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Beached Risso’s Dolphin Sent to San Diego Seaworld

One to watch for developments which will probably be SeaWorld keeping it and making lots of money.

If they were just going to care for it and initiate a plan to release it back into the sea in stages via an open seapen first I would be happy but I am pretty sure that SeaWorld will soon be advertising its new exhibit and will make lots of money from it.

I looked at the website “Cetacean Lifestyle” (which incidentally makes quite interesting reading as it cautions readers to check facts before listening to the views of delusional aminal activists and explains that dolphins are not Gods as they get ill and have accidents like any other species. Thanks for that insight..) It has some interesting information on dolphins and also lists where they are being held.

I will be keeping an eye on this story and updating this post.

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Autumn Equinox 2013. Blackfish, Badgers & The Chariot Tarot card Musings

Feathers magpieThe Equinox provides an opportunity to look at balance and the polarisation poised opposing forces. You have probably noticed the light retreating and the nights drawing in. Soon, day and night will be equal like someone has pressed the pause button and stopped the dance of dark and light. The outer, daylight hours versus night time affect us on a physical level as we adjust our lives to it but the same dynamics shift is taking place on an inner level too. It is a time to balance tendencies within yourselves too. The Equinox is symbolised by black and white. In rituals, a black candle and a white candle can be used by holding one in each hand and looking at the flames to balance. You could find yourself a black stone and a white stone and place one in each hand. if you are wondering what this would do it is a psychological exercise to be still and balance the often warring opposing forces within yourself. The Light/White represents the Conscious and the Darkness/Black symbolises the Unconscious.

For me, notably this Autumn Equinox, black and white is highly symbolic. I have been campaigning against the live capture and training of  dolphins/whales for human entertainment. I went to see the film documentary “Blackfish” about Tilikum the orca who has been implicated in trainers’ deaths at Seaworld.


The other animal that I have been campaigning for is our badger. There is a senseless cull going on in spite of all of the campaigning and a petition that showed that people are against it. Black and white also brings cows to mind (although of course there are other colours)

badger maskThe card that I think of at this time is the Chariot.

chariotThe Chariot symbolises travelling through mysteries within the universe. One of the mysteries is of polarisation, the tension of opposites, light and dark, the seen and unseen, interface points of beginnings and ends, mergings, false difference. Look at the two sphinxes in the Chariot Tarot card. Both are of the same colouring but one is mainly white and the other is mainly black. But both are actually equal depictions of one whole. The Light contains the Darkness and the Darkness contains the Light. Without one the other would not be. This card is number 7 in the deck. Libra is the seventh sign of the Zodiac and represents balance, harmony and finding the middle ground. Finding the zero point that contains and holds the opposites and resolves the tension.

Culling badgers and abusing sea creatures like dolphins and orcas to me represents the shadow aspects, the dark side of humanity. We who oppose these are trying to bring enlightenment into the darkness and are trying to raise these issues into the consciousness (the light) of the general public. The sphinxes depicted on the Rider Waite tarot card are relevant here as they are half man and half beast, so for me, at the time of this Autumn Equinox (themes of symbols shift. They are not fixed in my opinion. The basic features i.e colour, form are but I perceive that their representations shift at different times according to what is going on in your life) they are asking us to look at how we interact with the animal species. Do we acknowledge their consciousness or not? What are our interactions with and perceptions about animals telling us about our conscious relationship with our shadow self? As humans we have a tendency to project our faults and not so agreeable traits onto another being, which can be a person, organisation or I am maintaining here, an animal or species. Badgers are destructive and are spreading bovine Tb. No, we are destructive and spreading bovine TB. The farmers who are not abiding by sanitation standards and our demand for dairy products are spreading Bovine TB. The middle ground here would be to acknowledge that there is a problem. Have compassion for both species, badgers and cows and start a vaccination process. The fact that this course of action is not being pursued also shows another way in which dark and light interact and can be manipulated. The dark conceals things. The more light that you introduce, the more is revealed. It is slowly coming to light that there might be a hidden agenda at play here. it has been suggested that the planning laws are about to be relaxed. Badger setts are protected so it would not be possible to build in their vicinity.

In the time after the Equinox when there is more darkness than light I am wanting something to shift. Will the real reason for the badger cull please stand up and show yourself!

There is another black and white force that plays a part in all of this too and it is the media. What was hidden/distorted in the darkness comes to light which is why it is apt that black (hidden) is often printed on white (revealed to consciousness) This is why they play such a huge part in agenda setting.

How are darkness and light showing themselves in your life? If you can, take even an hour this weekend to just be still, poised between aware conscious thought and a dreamy meditative state. Ask yourself what needs to be more balanced in your life and ask how you can achieve it. Allow your inner self, your deeper mind to have a voice and bring you insight about your life, bring it into conscious awareness so that you can work on it. Write any thoughts/impressions down and see if your dreams bring you any insights or if things in your daily life take on a different significance and speak to you in a new way. You know more than you are consciously aware of. You just need to create the space for your inner self (which knows everything about you) to bring things to light, into consciousness for you.

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