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Dolphins and Ancient Egypt

One of my interests is Ancient Egypt, notably the Armarna Period, The Pharaoh Akhenaten and because of his interest in Sekhmet, Akhenaten’s father. Amenophis 111. Akhenaten was called Amenophis IV until he changed his name after he altered the Egyptian … Continue reading

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Donkey, a symbol of Christmas and its links to the number 7 and 77

Pope Benedict has asserted in his latest  book on Christ that no donkeys or oxen were present at the birth of Jesus because animals are not mentioned in the gospel. He maintains that the inspiration to include them might have … Continue reading

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Introducing SOW – School of Wyrdynamics sown 21/12/12

I am planting a new organisation today called the School of Wyrdynamics or SOW. You know me and my wordplay. SOW is a female pig. I was born in the Chinese year of the Boar and I am female. So … Continue reading

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Planetary Alignment on 3rd December 2012 -Three Giza’s Wise Men

There is  some excitement building up as a planetary alignment  will take place on Dec 3, 2012. It is said that this will be a perfect planetary alignment of Mercury, Venus and Saturn over  the Pyramids at Giza. It is … Continue reading

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The Afterlife Hall Of Judgement – 42 Questions

In Ancient Egypt the Judgement of The Dead took place in the Hall of Maat. Maat is often called the keeper of the Scales but she is The Scales. The newly deceased was led into the Hall by Anubis, The … Continue reading

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People Who Influenced Me – Mary Mason

Another person who influenced my path was a lady named Mary Mason. She was President of the local Spiritualist Church. I had been interested in psychic matter for years as I had always “known” that there is more to this … Continue reading

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