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Looking back to Autumn 2011. A Random yet Most Memorable Encounter

At this time of year my mind goes into reverse to a couple of years ago when I had a conversation on a bus. Funny how you can meet people just once, especially on public transport and have a conversation … Continue reading

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One year on. Nice to see you, Autumn, to see you, nice

Cripes, is it September 30th already? Thinking back to this time last year and how much has happened. October 1st tomorrow, which would have been a Saturday last year. That day stays at the forefront of my memory as I … Continue reading

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Autumn Equinox.. the mere thought makes me see red, golden, brown and black/white

I think I am an Equinox “type” if there is such a thing, as I was born on 26th March near The Spring/Vernal Equinox. I like transition points, journeys physical and mental. Ahhh Springtime and all its promises. Opportunity Nox … Continue reading

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