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One Man’s Rubbish is A Magpie’s Feast – Breaking Bag News

I came accross this story (Kagoshima Journal 7th May 2008 by Martin Fackler)  whilst looking for information on Japanese owls and although the article focusses on a serious issue for the Japanese, it did make me laugh. He talks about … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Howling For Justice:
I can hardly believe the numbers. 605 wolves have been slaughtered in the combined hunts since August 30, 2012.  In 102 days or a little over three months, hundreds of wolves have been wiped…

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Meteor Shower 13th -14th December 2012

Phaethon (or Helius) & the chariot of the sun, Athenian red-figure krater C5th B.C., British Museum, London The Geminid meteor shower is expected to provide a spectacle of more than 50 shooting stars per hour at peak for those who … Continue reading

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“I’m a Wild Dolphin Get Me Out of Here! ” The Show Must Not Go On

Photocredit: Sea Shepherd Cove Guardians at Taiji So, you go to a dolphin show or dolphinarium and marvel at the beautiful dolphins who seem to be having fun entertaining you. You might think that they were all born into captivity … Continue reading

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Taiji Cove Inmates 3rd Dec 2012, The Water Babies. Consciousness Change Now Please !!

Photocredit Sea Shepherd Cove Guardians It has been a tough weekend for the Sea Shepherd Cove Guardians and the rest of us who are involved in trying to stop this cruel drive hunt in Taiji Cove. The day before yesterday … Continue reading

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Planetary Alignment on 3rd December 2012 -Three Giza’s Wise Men

There is  some excitement building up as a planetary alignment  will take place on Dec 3, 2012. It is said that this will be a perfect planetary alignment of Mercury, Venus and Saturn over  the Pyramids at Giza. It is … Continue reading

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Full Moon Eclipse 28th November 2012

(photocredit: moontoday.net) Over the past couple of days two celestial phenomena have entangled and have been enhancing the potency of the Full Moon. It is what is called a penumbral eclipse and it is very subtle in its appearance. At … Continue reading

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Taiji Contacts to Protest Against the Slaughter/Capture of Cetaceans & Japanese Embassies

View the autosavePhotocredit : Sea Shepherd Cove Guardians http://www.twitter.com/seashepherd http://www.seashepherd.org/cove-guardians/ https://twitter.com/JPN_PMO  (Japanese PM) Taiji Whale Museum Phone: 81-73-559-2400 or 81-73-559-2487 Fax: 81-73-559-3823 Mr. Yoshiki Kimura, Governor of Wakayama Prefecture E-mail: e0001003@pref.wakayama.lg.jp or& webmaster@pref.wakayama.lg.jp Phone: 81-73-441-2034 Fax: 81-73-423-9500 Taiji Mayor Kazutaka … Continue reading

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Protest Against Taiji Cove Hunting/Killing/Capture of Dolphins -London 23/11/12

I went to the Protest against the hunting/killing/capture of dolphins yesterday in London. There was a great turnout and we all brought our loud voices with us. I didn’t even need a megaphone. Probably due to my promise to shout … Continue reading

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Taiji Cove Drive Hunt & International Rallies 23rd-24th Nov 12 – Exploring Related Issues

As this is the week for rallies against the Taiji Cove Drive Hunt in London on Friday 23rd and Tokyo and other places on Saturday 24th, I thought I would examine the issue more closely. I have posted several times … Continue reading

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