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Worldwide Protest Against Research Whaling 9th February 2013 in Shibuya Tokyo

https://www.facebook.com/events/241219389345414/?ref=22 日本が南氷洋で行なう「調査」捕鯨に抗議するデモ行進を東京渋谷駅周辺で行います。 We will hold a march to protest against “Research” whaling in the Antarctic Ocean, at Shibuya Tokyo.参加希望者は「参加する」をクリックして申請を行なってくださいFaceBookの非会員でも参加は自由です。 Please click “Going” ONLY if you can come. (We need to know the actual number of participants.) Non-members are also welcome.当日は渋谷区の宮下公園の一番北フットサル場の横に集合してください。出発は14:00の予定です。渋谷、道玄坂、表参道を約1時間行進します。 … Continue reading

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Taiji Cove Inmates 3rd Dec 2012, The Water Babies. Consciousness Change Now Please !!

Photocredit Sea Shepherd Cove Guardians It has been a tough weekend for the Sea Shepherd Cove Guardians and the rest of us who are involved in trying to stop this cruel drive hunt in Taiji Cove. The day before yesterday … Continue reading

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