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Tripping down memory lane. Random Thoughts on Re-membering

Photograph Credit: topnews.in I was reading something last night before nodding off which got me really thinking about the difference between how we live today and what we have lost as abilities. As I walk through my neighbourhood there are … Continue reading

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Not SKY TV But REAL Sky Events in 2013. No fee to pay as no overheads

Here are some celestial phenomena for 2013. Coming to a sky near you. Things are looking up. Make sure you do. 1) January 21 — Very Close Moon/Jupiter Conjunction A waxing gibbous moon (78% illuminated) will pass within less than … Continue reading

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Pilot Whales Trapped in Taiji Cove awaiting fate 30/10/12

The killer boats were out in Taiji last night on the night of the Full Moon, known as The Hunter’s Moon. They went into formation and herded 60 – 120 (conflicting reports of numbers as the Japanese do not like … Continue reading

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Reiki For All Who Will Experience The Effects of Hurricane Sandy/Frankenstorm

Reiki Principles                                                                             Just for today, I will live with gratitude. Just for today, I will not worry. Just for today, I will not anger. Just for today, I will do my work honestly. Just for today, I will … Continue reading

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Hurricane Sandy/Frankenstorm Worsened by The Full Moon 29th October 2012

The power of the elements when they really get going really amazes me. We have to have respect  the power of nature. It does not matter what technology or science we use, if nature wants to really take us on, … Continue reading

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Rain Rain Pourious Rain (Very Silly Verse)

Rain Rain Glorious Rain Nothing quite like it for filling the drain Making big puddles People in huddles At windfacing bus stops The ones at the edges get splattered with gust drops Dreaming of buses that do not appear Cos … Continue reading

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The Storm/Hurricane of October 1987

I was sitting watching the TV earlier this evening and I suddenly thought, hey it’s October. What date was it during October in 1987 that the fierce storm/hurricane struck? So I looked it up and it was tonight and tomorrow. … Continue reading

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