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Demo To End The Ivory Trade at The London Chinese Embassy 24.1.2015 #Extinction Is Forever

I attended a very effective demo in London yesterday to put pressure on China to end the ivory trade. Congratulations to Maria Mossman, Denise Dresner and their team for creating the event and successfully mobilising people to attend. reading

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London Demo Against Taiji Dolphin Massacre and Captivity 17/1/15 at Trafalgar Square – Taiji Terror Tales 2015

I attended the  Carnival Demo March Against Taiji Dolphin Slaughter and Captivity Trade//Blackfish Awareness/Boycott SeaWorld/Empty The Tanks//Free Lolita. The march started in Cavendish Square in Central London and ended at a demo in Trafalgar Square. There was a brilliant … Continue reading

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Upcoming Taiji Action Day for Dolphins 21st Feb 2014. London protest,d.ZGU&cad=rja Video credit – John Legg This is what Taiji Cove should always be like. Looks idyllic doesn’t it. It has been like this for 11 consecutive days which gives us watchers and the dolphins a little reprieve from the … Continue reading

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Trumpet Call. Vote For The Red X Project To Help Abused Working Elephants

Elephant Nature Park is a 250-acre sanctuary and rescue centre for elephants in the Northern Thailand, Chiang Mai Province. The Park is committed to helping as many elephants from the region as possible We are always adding to our herd … Continue reading

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A child’s poster against the Badger Cull

A friend of mine, who I studied Reiki with, sent me this image which was drawn by her daughter’s best friend ( Amber). She said that Amber “ is very very upset about the badgers and is struggling with what’s … Continue reading

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Global Olympics Dolphins Campaign – Saturday 29th June 2013

What will be the two words on the street on this coming Saturday, 29th June 2013? TAIJI DOLPHINS. There will be events worldwide to draw attention to the plight of the Taiji dolphins and whales. There are only two months … Continue reading

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Dark Day for Badgers and Anyone with an Ounce of Commonsense – 5th June 2013

photocredit : Well, I didn’t want to have to write a post saying this but I am not totally surprised. Disappointed, angry, sad yes, but surprised I am not. The voting was pretty close. Parliament voted  against a motion … Continue reading

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London March against The Badger Cull – 1st June 2013

Photocredit : Laura Daligan (me, Laura and Oephebia Animal Healer) “Badger hates Society, and invitations, and dinner, and all that sort of thing.” ” The Wind in The Willows” by Kenneth Grahame I do not think Badger would have hated … Continue reading

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Help Badgers and Farmers. Culling is not the final solution

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The Hunting Act Celebrates its 8th Birthday today. Many Many More Happy Returns

Photocredit : We want to keep the Hunting Ban in place. There have been a spate of moral panic stories about urban foxes on the rampage lately. You have to treat these stories with caution as what appears as … Continue reading

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