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Global March For Lions – London Calling and Roaring 15th March 2014

People asked me who the figure was that I depicted on my banner alongside the lion representations. It is Sekhmet, the lion headed goddess from Ancient Egypt. Alongside animal activism my interests include esoteric interests and due to my love … Continue reading

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WMSP off BIAZA hook about UK white lion cubs. Pride goes before a Fool Judgement

CAPS The Captive Animals’ Protection Society have announced that they are shocked to learn that no action will be taken over the West Midland Safari Park’s rare white lion cubs ending up performing in a Japanese Circus. Liz Tyson, Director … Continue reading

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UK Sent Rare White Lion Cubs to Japan’s Circus Kinoshita .Don’t adjust specs. It’s true, sadly

Circus Kinoshita is proud of their rare white lions who entertain crowds and were provided by a British businessman Jim Clubb, owner of Amazing Animals, yesterday confirmed he had provided the lions to the circus – saying it was ‘business.’ … Continue reading

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