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One Man’s Rubbish is A Magpie’s Feast – Breaking Bag News

I came accross this story (Kagoshima Journal 7th May 2008 by Martin Fackler)  whilst looking for information on Japanese owls and although the article focusses on a serious issue for the Japanese, it did make me laugh. He talks about … Continue reading

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Something to Crow About

Why is there a picture of me with a non crow, an Eagle Owl, when this is about crows?  I have liked crows for a long time but  I used to fear them. It was because of a close encounter … Continue reading

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Remembering Princess Diana and The Crow Control Episode in Kensington Gardens

I must confess that I did not recall until I saw a commemorative posting on the Prince Harry Facebook page that today is the 15th anniversary of the passing of Princess Diana. I, like everyone else was totally shocked when … Continue reading

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