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WE will overthrow this badger cull.

I emailed Traycey Crouch, Conservative MP yesterday, praising her for defying the whip and voting against the cull. We need to encourage such people who are willing to do the right thing and stand up for what they believe in. … Continue reading

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Dark Day for Badgers and Anyone with an Ounce of Commonsense – 5th June 2013

photocredit : telegraph.co.uk Well, I didn’t want to have to write a post saying this but I am not totally surprised. Disappointed, angry, sad yes, but surprised I am not. The voting was pretty close. Parliament voted  against a motion … Continue reading

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Badger Rally Wednesday 24th October 2012

The Love The Badger Dance at Parliament Square, which I attended, achieved its aim, to raise awareness of our love for the badgers. The fabulous dancers and accompanying musicians, Rhythyms Of Resistance facilitated a peaceful, energy raising, eye-catching gathering which … Continue reading

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