Bad News: Risso’s Snatched.Good: 22/2/13 Global Protests Growing. Taiji Terror Tales 3/2/13

rissoPhotocredit: Sea Shepherd Cove Guardians

Sorry to bring such bad news again but the killers netted a pod of Risso’s again. I am not sure how many yet but they are close to their quota of this kind now. Remember a few days ago, that they released some babies? They do not want to include them in the quota as small dolphins are worth less money. Callous but true.

The good news that I can bring is that 22nd February 2013 is going to be amazing. These poor dolphins will have so many voices on the streets worldwide to speak up for them. The emphasis of the global protests will be twofold, to raise awareness of the brutal drive hunt in Taiji and the link to live capture for human entertainment and to air global public opinion that Japan should NOT host the 2020 Olympics unless the drive hunt stops forever.This was the initiative of Shona Lewendon who organised the Edinburgh protest and the global one that evolved from that point

It would be so brilliant if a few Olympic heroes or future competitors could stand up too and support the dolphins, if they would say that they would not go to Japan to compete. The protests will get worldwide media coverage so we shall see what happens next. The selection committee are visiting Tokyo in March so the protests on 22nd February are very timely for maximum impact.

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