Planting by The Moon Phases and Magickal Application

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The Moon completes a revolution around the Earth every 29.5 passing through the 12 signs of the zodiac and remaining in each sign for about 2.5 days.

Moon in Ariesthis is a dry, barren, masculine sign so it is an ideal time to destroy weeds. It is an excellent time for beginnings, so you would be well advised to turn the soil and prepare it for planting.

Magickally , it is a fresh and enthusiastic Moon to start new ventures. But ensure that you do not lose your original enthusiasm as Aries are noted for launcing themselves into something full throttle at the start and then getting bored and losing the momentum.This is an ideal time for quick results workings as the New Moon in Aries energy would be very in tune with that. Also any working that has to do with the self, especially the beginning of a reinvention or an image change would benefit from this energy. It is an ideal time to look for your new athame/dagger as Aries resonates with iron and sharp things. If there is something that you want to launch that requires a little courage, this is the time for lift-off! This is a good Moon sign to work with health matters to do with the head, face and brain.

Moon in Taurusthis is a very productive time as the Earth will be moist. Taurus is a fixed sign, so it is ideal for  plants which need to remain firm and really get stuck in, such as root crops, and leafy vegetables like lettuce and cabbage. If you plant flowers during a Taurean moon they will be tough cookies and glamorous. This is because Taurus is ruled by the beautiful Venus. Taurus also rules the throat, so you might want to sing whilst you work or play the radio. Apparently there are studies which have illustrated that the indigenous people of the Amazon were instructed by their Shamans to sing as plants respond to and enjoy music. Something soft and gentle for flowers maybe but maybe for the root crops which need to be tough you could sing Status Quo’s “Deeper And Down” (joke)

Magickal workings – this is an excellent profitable time as the Moon is exalted or at its best, in Venus. Think of a project that revolves around love, the arts  or luxury and sensuality as those desires and this Moon are literally a match made in heaven. The good thing is that whatever is initiated now will be fixed/durable and the value will increase. As the sign of Taurus is a fixed one whatever you launch will embed itself like a habit and develop a permanent vibration. So work on things that you desire to do with finances, security and growth, and anything which would enhance your sense of security and wealth. This is a good time to work with physical complaints that relate to the throat, ears and neck.

Moon in GeminiThis Moon emits a barren, dry energy. It is a good time to tackle  pests and weeds, or to take some time for cultivation.

Magickal Working –The energy of this Moon is mutable and airy. Make an extra effort to be focussed and look at all variables as projects that are started now are easily hijacked and changed by outside influences.There will be a lot of talking about things and chopping and changing minds. If there are a couple of things that you want to start this would be the time to do it. Your mood will probably be a bit restless and fickle but it is an excellent time to  time to write, study, or communicate with your family, especially siblings or those that would require you to make a small journey. Prophecy could be attempted here too. This is a compatible sign to work on health matters which affect the shoulders, arms or lungs.

Moon in CancerThis is a very fruitful and moist sign, so it is ideal for planting and irrigation. Cancer is the most excellent nurturer so this is really a good time to plant anything with love and due care and attention. You can sing to your plants at this time and it will help them to feel nurtured and grow. A lullaby would be good. In fact you could have a control group, one that you sing to and one that you don’t and see who fares the best.

Magickal workings: the energy is very nurturing so any workings to do with love, emotions, home, mothers and family would be off to a great start.It is also a highly sensitive Moon energy so it is good for beginning psychic development courses or working on close psychic bonds. it is conducive to stimulating emotional rapport, positive growth and nurturance between people. The Moon is at her most powerful here as she is at home. If you have been retreating into your shell lately, it is a good time to be kind to yourself and soothe yourself with comforting treats and loving music as you will be out and about shortly. This is a good time to use healing rituals to work on the chest or stomach.

Moon in Leoas far as planting goes, this is Moon energy is not really helpful as it is a barren and dry sign. But if you want to clear some weeds, now is the time.

Magickal workings: this is an excellent Moon to do workings for anything to do with hobbies, entertainment, sports and pets. It has a lot of energy so also matters to do with passion and love affairs would be good to start here. Whatever you do, do it with flamboyance, be dramatic to properly align with this Moon’s energy. Healthwise, it is a beneficial time to work on complaints to do with the upper back,spine or heart region.

Moon in VirgoThis is a feminine, earthy, and moist sign, but it is a little barren for plant growth. It is a good time to get rid of weeds and tidy the flowerbeds.

Magickal workings: This is a good Moon energy to  begin any projects that are to do with healing and service to others.Plan it carefully down to the last detail. Pay attention to details and all matters concerning health, healing and nutrition. Anything to do with craftwork, volunteering and bringing the community together would be successful here. It is a great time to clean the house and put everything in its place as the energies will make this easier than at other times. This is also a good time to attend to health concerns that relate to diet, the intestines and the nervous system.

Moon in LibraThis Moon energy is quite fruitful as it is both moist and airy. It is a suitable time to plant crops that require good pulp growth. You could also plant  flowers and vines. They will look very presentable and creep in the direction that you want them to. If you grow hay and corn it is an excellent time to seed it.

Magickal workings: this Moon energy is good for anything to do with negotiations on partnership and legal matters. Things will find a balanced outcome much more easily if they are started here. It is an auspicious time to begin healing for anything to do with the lower back region and the kidneys. You could kickstart health here by drinking more water.

Moon in ScorpioThe Moon energy here is very fruitful and feminine as it is watery and moist. As it is a fixed sign  it is a good time to plant sturdy plants like vines. This is another of those signs that is compatible with the energies of singing so sing some stirring, strong songs to your plants if you want to.

Magickal workings: the Moon energy at this time will be a good conduit for any project that is started to do with self defense, courage, death, sex, taxes, inheritances and deep transformation. It is a time to be bold as the energy is powerful and ritual effects would last a long it is a time to keep silent and keep your plans hidden. If you wish to do a working to sever a connection from a circumstance or partnership that does not benefit you, now would be an excellent time to take the first step. It is an auspicious time to start a healing process of the reproductive organs area.

Moon in Sagittarius—this Moon energy is a barren, dry and masculine sign. It is suitable for planting onions, seeding hay and for general working on the land.

Magickal workings: This Moon energy is compatible with any project to do with religion and metaphysics. Anything to do with long distance travel and higher learning, imagination and confidence are well starred. The energy is warm and optimistic and your ventures will expand well. It is an excellent time to trust your intuition and go with your inner flow of imagination. Search for the higher truth in any situation. It is beneficial to begin any healing that is associated with the liver, thighs and hips.

Moon in CapricornThis is a very earthy, dry and productive energy. It is an extremely good time to plant tubers and potatoes.

Magickal workings: this is a very powerful time to go all out for what you need to enhance your career and reputation.Structure your working well and make sure that all is organized and that you adopt an air of strong self discipline and it will carry forth into your outer life. Healing rituals that affect the knees, skin, teeth and skeletal system will have good outcomes at this time.

Moon in AquariusThis is another of those airy, dry and barren signs planting wise so use it for weeding and removing pests.

Magickal workings: this Moon energy favours ventures to do with mysteries, secrets, , dreams, groups and organizations. If you have an idea that is highly creative, flamboyant and individualistic, then now is the perfect time to begin the process. If your venture is of a humanitarian nature that would improve society then you are on to a winner if you begin now. It is an excellent time to begin steps to break an addiction or unhealthy habit. Healing rituals to benefit the calves, ankles and blood (that would benefit the whole system) would be appropriate here.

Moon in PiscesThis lunar energy emanates from a very fruitful, moist, feminine, watery sign. But you will need to monitor these plants and care for them diligently as they will be a little weak. But on the plus side, root growth will be highly successful. Once again, you may be pleased to know that singing will aid the growth!

Magickal workings: this Moon energy is good for all magickal workings, especially for expanding consciousness. It is a positive time to look for things that you may have misplaced and to do some psychic questing. Anything to do with development of your inner realms is well starred here. Just be sure to focus on what you want to achieve and do not drift off into fantasies. It is a good time to work with ailments of the feet and lymph glands.

Moon Signs Greenwich Mean Time /UT

2012   New Moon 2012   Full Moon
Date Time Sign Date Time Sign
Nov 13th 22 08                  Scorpio Nov 28th 14:46 Taurus
Dec 13th 08 42                Sagittarius Dec 28th 10:21 Gemini
2013   New Moon 2013   Full Moon
Date Time Sign Date Time Sign
Jan 11th 19 44                 Capricorn Jan 27th   04:38 Leo
Feb 10th  07 20                  Aquarius Feb 25       20:26 Virgo
Mar 11th 19 51
Pisces Mar 27th   09:27 Libra
Apr 10th 09 35                    Aries Apr 25th      19:57 Scorpio
May 10th 00 28
Taurus May 25th  04:25 Sagittarius
Jun  8th 15 56                  Gemini Jun 23rd  11:32 Capricorn
Jul  8th 07 14                      Cancer Jul 22th  18:15 Aquarius
Aug  6th 21 51                 Leo Aug 21st  01:45 Aquarius
Sep  5th 11 36                  Virgo Sep 19th  11:13 Pisces
Oct  5th 00 34                    Libra Oct 18th  23:28 Aries
Nov  3rd 12 50
Scorpio Nov 17th 15:16 Taurus
Dec  3rd 00 22                Sagittarius Dec 17th 09:28 Gemini

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    Alot of the predictions are based on which phase of the moon it is.

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